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Top 5 In-Person & Virtual Austin Games

People who want to “keep Austin weird” ultimately want to keep Austin fun—and you’ll be doing your part when you take your favorite group on one of our scavenger hunts. On teams, you’ll uncover the secrets of your favorite neighborhood by answering tricky questions and completing other amusing challenges.  Stuck at home? Far-flung offices? Unite colleagues working from home with one of our popular virtual games.

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Austin Team Building<br /> Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor scavenger hunts and museum games

What companies have enjoyed our team-building hunts in Austin? Wells Fargo, National Instruments, Charles Schwab, Shell Oil, Dell, Google, American Express, Oracle, Cisco, Facebook, could keep going.

What results can you expect? Surprises, laughter, camaraderie, team building, and a memorable event that people will be thanking you for days later.

Far and away our most popular hunt here is the Awesome Austin Scavenger Hunt, a whirlwind tour of the best of the downtown area, along both Congress Avenue and Sixth Street. You’ll search for hidden history at such places as the landmark Driskill Hotel, the famous Moonlight Towers, the gargoyle-strewn Paramount Theater, stunning St. Mary’s Cathedral, and random places where surprises are in store. The hunt reveals overlooked delights to locals and the best of Austin to visitors.

Can’t get downtown? Here’s a game you can play in just about any outdoor location: Texans can show their state pride—and visitors can go deep in the heart of Texas—on the Lone Star Showdown Scavenger Hunt. An assortment of creative Team Photo Challenges, unusual items to create or collect, a mystery message to decode, and a surprise bonus challenge with our Hunt Host all highlight what’s great about the state. Cowboy boots aren’t necessary for this team-building adventure...but they sure can’t hurt.

Care to add a dash of Texas history to your hunt? On the Texas History Mysteries Scavenger Hunt at the Bob Bullock Museum, you’ll discover the funniest and most fascinating details about the artifacts on display.

There are more games where these came from, including murder mysteries, a trivia contest, and special editions for kids that are great for school field trips.

Virtual games: connect with remote colleagues for fun

On teams, you'll enter virtual breakout rooms and follow clues that take you virtually to amazing museums and remarkable landmarks, in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions. You can also solve a murder mystery, or ponder a criminal mastermind's devious puzzles, or do a deep-dive on a great city, or tackle tricky trivia and unusual challenges on a virtual pub quiz.

Tell us what your group enjoys, and leave the adventure to us! Check out all of our Virtual Team-Building Games.

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