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The Mixed Alliances Scavenger Hunts

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The Mixed Alliances Scavenger Hunts

A team-building booster for scavenger hunts

Typically on our scavenger hunts, teams of six people go on a quest to answer tricky, fun questions. And those six people have a blast working together and getting to know one another better. But some of our clients asked us to come up with a way to have even more interaction among participants. That’s where the Mixed Alliances Edition comes in.

Instead of teams of six, there are mini teams of three—and the trios must pair up. There are multiple rounds, and at the start of each round, the trios must recombine. In one round, you are collaborators…and in the next, you are opponents. During a 90-minute game with three rounds, each player will work with up to 11 other players.

To win, you must not only compete—you must also cooperate. It might sound a lot like your workplace, except that you’ll also be enjoying an amazing museum or historic neighborhood.

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