The “Know Your Colleagues” Quiz

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The “Know Your Colleagues” Quiz

The most fascinating person you know might be in the next office

How well do you know the people who you see almost every day? What are their hidden talents? What exotic places have they visited? What hilarious embarrassing moments are they willing to share for a good laugh? If they could pursue any career, what would they like to do? These and other questions get answered when you add this custom quiz to one of our scavenger hunts as a special bonus round.

This team-building challenge can be added to many of our regular scavenger hunts. Before the hunt, we send you a fun survey to distribute to the members of your group. They e-mail us their answers, and we edit them into a fun-filled quiz that highlights fascinating facts.

Who is the mystery person?

During the hunt, your team will review surprising details about each “mystery person” and try to identify them. Can you name the individuals by their surprising revelations about themselves? Was it Kate in Accounting who visited Machu Picchu? Did Tony really win a blue ribbon for his bundt cake? Did your CEO really get his start as a busboy at the Carnegie Deli? All will be revealed—and much of it will become great fodder for conversation long after the game has ended.

Contact us to find out which of our games work best with the “Know Your Colleagues” Quiz—and prepare to be surprised by your colleagues!

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