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Get Acquainted

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The Better Get Acquainted Game

Know your foes…and become friends

One key to working well with your team is knowing your team. This game will help you do just that—with some fun, funny twists along the way. On teams, players will interact with others on such laugh-provoking challenges as…

Two Truths and a Lie, where each player finds a recent photo on their phone and shares two honest facts and one lie about the picture. Opposing players earn points for correctly guessing the fibs—and in the process, everyone shares fun facts about their lives.

Tell Us a Story goes even more in depth, with players repeating a brief personal story told by another player, doing their best to retell the tale and earn points by using secret words.

And in One of a Kind, players reveal interesting details about themselves and win points for being unique. You could learn about your teammates’ notable travels, hidden talents, special skills, weird things they’ve eaten, and more!

Perfect for a holiday party or a corporate team-building event, the Better Get Acquainted Game can be played virtually anywhere, from your office to your favorite restaurant, for groups of all sizes.

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