Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The Hispanic Heritage
Trivia Game

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Hispanic Heritage Trivia Game

Fun for people of diverse backgrounds!

Celebrate the lasting impact and rich history of Latinx people past and present on this fun, fast-paced, virtual Hispanic Heritage Trivia Game. Team up with colleagues or friends for five rounds of insightful and silly questions and challenges that highlight your teamwork as much as your knowledge. It’s a great team-building activity to mark National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15.

You’ll meet with our Host on Zoom, then head into team breakout rooms to tackle questions in our custom, browser-based app. You don’t necessarily need to be a genius of Hispanic history to do well! The questions are generally designed to encourage discussion that lets you work out the answers—and have fun while you do. So anyone can compete and win.

You might be quizzed on…

  • Amazing places in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Traditional and not-so-traditional Hispanic food and drink
  • Great moments in Hispanic history
  • Latinx influences in American entertainment

…and more. Plus there’s a photo scavenger hunt round, where you need to collaborate with teammates to make eye-catching, “Brady Bunch” style team photos on your Zoom screen. In this memorable challenge, you might have to dig out a CD by a Latinx musician. Or find a piece of clothing with Spanish writing on it. Or eat an authentic Hispanic food in a funny way. You get to choose the photo ops that get your team’s creative juices flowing.

This virtual team-building game is perfect for bringing together colleagues in a fun activity that promotes bonding and fights off Zoom fatigue. The virtual Hispanic Heritage Trivia Game will have your team talking, laughing, and even learning a little something.

Private groups can book the game anytime. An international version of the game is also available for groups with ESL participants. Contact us to learn more!

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