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Go for the Gold!
An Olympics
Trivia Game

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Go for the Gold! An Olympics Trivia Game

Get Ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics!

Prove your mettle and reach for that podium in this new Olympics Trivia Game… with a twist! Team up with friends or colleagues to compete in five rounds of questions and challenges that test your brain power and teamwork—and while the theme is the Olympic games, you won’t just be naming famous gold medalists. Because the game isn’t all about sports knowledge, anyone can compete and win!

You’ll meet with our Host on Zoom, then head into team breakout rooms to answer questions in our custom, browser-based app. Each round encourages discussion that lets you work out the answers, and have fun while you do.

Allergic to Zoom? This game can also be played in person!

Along the way, you might be quizzed on…

  • Olympians and their sports
  • Cities that have hosted the Olympics
  • The Olympic rings and other famous things with rings

…and more. Plus there’ll be a photo scavenger hunt round, where you’ll need to collaborate with teammates to make medal-winning, “Brady Bunch” style team photos on your Zoom screen.

This virtual Olympics trivia game is perfect for bringing together colleagues in an engaging activity that builds bonds and raises morale, all while fighting off some of that Zoom fatigue. The friendly competition will have your group feeling glorious, and the positive impact will live on in your future meetings.

A 5-star review on Google: “Always have the friendliest hosts. Super fun for a small or large groups with a little something for everyone. Very fun!” —posted by someone from a company that did the Olympics trivia game

Private groups can book the game anytime. Contact us to learn more about the Olympics trivia game—and find more fun with your group!

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