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HAMILTON: The Scavenger Hunt

Follow in Alexander Hamilton’s footsteps…

…through the streets of Lower Manhattan, from Wall Street to Battery Park, to discover the places where the feisty Founding Father worked, played, debated, fought, and planned his fatal duel. Whether you’re a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit Broadway musical, or the Ron Chernow book that inspired it, or just curious about the Founding Fathers and early New York City, you’ll love this scavenger hunt.

No knowledge of Alexander Hamilton or the Wall Street area is necessary! You just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes to follow a trail of clues to discover fascinating historical places and answer tricky, fun questions about what you find. 

Highlights on this FiDi scavenger hunt include…

  • Hamilton’s grave
  • Federal Hall, where Washington was inaugurated, Hamilton dodged rocks thrown by an angry crowd, and Hamilton and Burr worked together to defend a man accused of murder
  • A bank founded by Aaron Burr in a sneaky deal that duped Hamilton
  • Fraunces Tavern, where Hamilton worked as Secretary of the Treasury and where Washington bid farewell to his troops
  • The site of Hamilton’s home on Wall Street
  • Pearl Street, part of the route of Hamilton’s funeral procession
  • Hanover Square, the location of the publisher of The Federalist, written mostly by Hamilton and James Madison
  • The site of a fort where, in 1775, Hamilton joined a group that stole cannons from the British

Plus, you’ll touch a fence that bears the scars of a patriotic mob, walk through a former hanging ground and slave market, gaze at singe marks from the great fire of 1776, visit the real grave of a fictional character, decipher a Freemason’s cryptic last message, and more.

It’s a great, fast-paced tour of the Wall Street area. Even if you don’t give a farthing for the Founding Fathers, you’ll be surprised and delighted by this hunt. And if you’ve seen the hit Broadway musical, you’ll be forgiven for spontaneously rapping as you recognize touchstones in Hamilton’s lyrics.

Kids Edition: Do have a school group of kids who’d enjoy discovering history in a new way? Check out Hamilton: The Scavenger Hunt for Kids.

What people are saying about the Hamilton scavenger hunt

A 5-star review on Google: “We’ve hosted multiple company scavenger hunts across multiple offices and all feedback from attendees was great! Watson Adventures was super accommodating to our groups and super friendly—not only are you learning new things about the city that you would have never known otherwise, you are having fun while doing so! We will definitely be using them again in the future!”

A 5-star review on TripAdvisor: “As usual, such a GREAT time! Yesterday was my 5th scavenger hunt (Hamilton’s NY) with Watson Adventures and it was one of my favorites. Anyone who is looking for an activity that marries history with clever puzzling-solving must jump into this hunt. Exploring the financial district and understanding a little bit better the efforts of Hamilton, Washington and countless others was such an invigorating step back into history….Andy, our hunt host, was wonderful—engaging, welcoming and so helpful, he absolutely added to our wonderful memories. Thanks so much.”

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