Hosts with the Most: How Watson Adventures Virtual Games Bring the Fun & Fight Zoom Fatigue

Find More Fun

Virtual events are everywhere, but let’s face it: Some are just plain better than others. Some virtual games engage players more, and foster more teamwork. And if current events have taught us anything, it’s that virtual events are here to stay a while longer—which means you’ll want to know how to find the best activities for your group.

So what sets Watson Adventures’ virtual team building activities apart from the crowd? First and foremost are our Game Hosts! Beyond that, our games are designed with all sorts of players in mind, different levels of engagement, and always to fight Zoom fatigue.

Hear from Our Hosts

No matter what sort of game you play, be it a virtual murder mystery, a themed trivia game, or an in-person scavenger hunt, a live Game Host runs the event from start to finish, bringing a level of fun and energy you won’t find elsewhere. And each Host puts their own spin on the game. Some might appear in costume, some might break into song, and others might have props or visuals to cheer players on.

“I like to be in character,” Host Levon Allen says. “80s game show host personality with assertive corniness!”

Another Host, Shannon Skilling, brings the thrills.

“One of my favorite moments is on the Around the World Virtual Scavenger Hunt for Kids; I like to screen-share the roller coaster question at the end and we all put our hands up and enjoy the ride! (Screaming encouraged.)”

High Praise for Hosts

Not a day goes by without a client dropping us a note or review full of glowing praise for our Hosts. As much as clients love our virtual games and scavenger hunts, they really love our Game Hosts. Here are just a few recent examples:

“Valerie was a great host! Such positive energy and was a lot of fun.”

“Our [Game Host, Andy] was excellent ! We had a team of four and had a great time ! Very well planned and just plain fun! Our second time, and will definitely be back.”

“SO MUCH FUN. Explored the world and worked with the team to solve questions. THANK YOU. Energy of the host Tokia was also palpable and set the mood for the event!”

“This whole process was awesome! I loved the teamwork and the host Shae was fantastic!”

“Incredible, Joshua made everything better.”

“Chad was great!! Thanks for the fun times and great puzzles.”

Superior Game Design

Speaking of fun times and great puzzles, our games are thoughtfully designed to foster teamwork and combat Zoom fatigue.

If you’ve played a team building game, whether virtual or in-person, you might be familiar with the typical “you-know-it-or-you-don’t” model. For example, a trivia game might ask you what year the Titanic sank, and either your team knows it or they don’t. There’s very little real teamwork involved.

A Watson Adventures game, on the other hand, lets the team work together to figure out every question. Each museum scavenger hunt question offers you visual clues to lead eagle-eyed players to the solution. Each trivia question is worded with subtle hints that let teammates put their heads together and tease out the answer.

And all the while, Zoom fatigue takes a back seat to everything that’s going on: trivia questions, audio rounds, visual puzzles, murderous twists, creative photo-taking challenges, and interacting with the Game Host.

Games for Every Group

Whether your group prefers to virtually explore the world, solve a murder, visit a museum, or tackle brain-bending puzzles, there is a Watson Adventures game to fit your interests. Contact us today to find the best team building activity for you.