New Team Building Virtual Games Help Boost Morale in a Tough Time

Focus on Raising Your Team’s Spirit

Keeping your team engaged through this latest Covid surge presents yet another challenge in a long line of them. Employees and colleagues are bound to be frustrated: The finish line seemed so close. But then Delta arrived and cases started to rise. Now, major companies like Google and Wells Fargo are pushing back their return to office plans, and those “My fall plans vs. the Delta variant” memes are everywhere.

In short, hopes for a return to normal have been dashed, and it’s an important time to raise your team’s spirits. Whatever your company’s situation right now—maybe you’re all at home, or you’ve gone with a hybrid office setup, or you’re scattered among different cities or countries—you can turn to our virtual team building activities and in-person games for help. Here are some of our most popular games for groups of all sizes, including three new games for teams looking for very different experiences.

Around the World…Again!

ATW: Asia Pacific Locations

Embark on an exciting new virtual adventure in this sequel to the best-selling Around the World Scavenger Hunt. Using our custom, browser-based game app, teams visit the websites and virtual tours of museums, landmarks, and neighborhoods, and natural wonders all over the world. And along the way, they use teamwork to follow clues and answer fun, quirky questions about what they find.

You might find yourself visiting St. Mark’s Square in Venice, volcanoes in Hawaii, and gorillas in Africa—all without leaving home!

More Jet-Setting Adventures

Our diverse global scavenger hunts let you explore Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, sun-drenched locales, and more. Or if your team would prefer to visit cities across the U.S., you can virtually hunt in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and others.

Puzzled to Death

Author AJ Jacobs

From the mind of best-selling author A.J. Jacobs comes Puzzled to Death: A Virtual Game of Murder Mystery Puzzles, a twisty, challenging new murder mystery. Someone has murdered the owner of a beloved local board game store, and the killer has created mini-games and puzzles with clues to their identity. Naturally, your team must crack the case and uncover the killer! Visit the blog to find out more about this surprising new game.

More Murder Mysteries

Murder mystery games are among our most popular offerings. Colleagues get a kick out of catching the killer every time on the classic Murder at the Art Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt, the Clue-esque new Case of the Curious Curator Virtual Murder Mystery Game, and more.

Mind-Melting Trivia

Surprised face

“Oh wow, who knew?” Your team will say that over and over during the new Fascinating Facts Trivia Game. Its five rounds of trivia focus on bizarre tidbits and astonishing facts. Whether it’s about a bird that isn’t a bird, a shockingly egg-shaped neighbor, or a legendary misconception, even the brainiest players will learn something new.

Of course, like all our trivia games, the Fascinating Facts Game values teamwork over pure trivia knowledge. The questions include subtle clues that help players put their heads together and work out the answers.

More Trivia Games

Our virtual trivia games really do offer something for everyone. Celebrate summer before it’s gone on the Fun in the Sun Virtual Summertime Trivia Game. Unwind on the Cheers! Virtual Happy Hour Game. Or pump up your brain power on the original Trivia Slam Game.

Find More Fun

Contact us to find your team’s ideal morale boosting, team building activity. In these freshly uncertain times, keeping your colleagues and employees engaged and connected is more important than ever.