New At-Home Trivia Games: Visit Museums Remotely

While you can’t go to the museum…

Let us bring the museum to you. Whether you’re stuck in lockdown, practicing your social distancing, or living that WFH (work from home) life, you’re probably looking for ways to connect with others and with the outside world. We’re working hard to bring you new at-home games and experiences you can play with friends, family, and co-workers. You might need a fun distraction or a way to build team morale remotely, and we’re here to help.

Looking for fun right now? Enjoy this preview of the new Escape To the Museum Scavenger Hunt. This sneak peek is a quick at home trivia game, featuring 8 bits of trivia that lead you to 8 works of art from a few of our favorite museums. Give it a go, and then find the answers at the bottom of the page.

The Questions

1. Get moo-ving

(a) When a bovine famously high-jumped Luna, what handy thing beat feet with dinnerware?

(b) Find one of those things among these Ivory Coast items at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. What nice quality could a woman earn one for?

2. Bonjour!

(a) Add an H to an animal and you get small talk—or the animal’s name in French. What is that animal?

(b) Find that animal among artworks that once belonged to the politician and art collector Ogden Mills. (This one’s in a bit of a pinch!) What two other animals does this painting tell you not to bother?

3. Bad day

(a) Frodo’s glows blue. Lion-O’s summons the ThunderCats when there’s trouble. Arthur’s hung out in a rock for a long time. What are they?

(b) In this collection of Renaissance art from San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum, whose day has been turned into a real headache by one of those?

4. I was told there would be no math

(a) What weird creature has been in (or at least near) de-Nile for 4,500 years…but still found time to bother Harry Potter in a dangerous maze?

(b) At the Legion of Honor, what sort of math is that thing doing its best to ignore?

5. Hut, hut, hike!

(a) What nickname do you call local football players in Lincoln, Nebraska?

(b) In this gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago, find people you could call the same name. If you joined in and exposed a red thing, what would you get to do?

6. Look at the tiny rooms

(a) An everyday object is known by many different names, including dunny, jacks, and bog. But one of its crasser nicknames was already in use before inventor Thomas Crapper came along to improve it. What is that object?

(b) Search the Art Institute of Chicago’s famous Thorne Miniature Rooms. What is the letter and number of the room where you’d expect one of those things?

7. The answer is not cracker

(a) You could say Sirius, Betelgeuse, Chris Hemsworth, and an asterisk are all the same thing. What is that thing?

(b) Look closely at Gallery 246 of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to face the face of a local one. What does Polly not want?

8. Whack!

(a) What are considered by cynics and divorcees “the world’s smallest handcuffs”?

(b) Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, one more time to find someone giving away one of those “handcuffs,” even if you wouldn’t think of Him as an eligible bachelor. Below, who clobbers an uninvited guest with a mallet?

The Answers

1. (a) a spoon (b) incomparable generosity

2. (a) a cat (b) dogs and vipers

3. (a) swords (b) Holofernes

4. (a) a sphinx (b) geometry, in Allegory of Geometry

5. (a) Cornhuskers (b) kiss whomever you want

6. (a) a toilet (b) E-25, the French bathroom and boudoir

7. (a) stars (b) the truth (the parrot is one of time’s enemies in Time Unveiling Truth, which includes the sun, a very important star indeed)

8. (a) wedding rings (b) Saint Margaret