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Name that Scavenger Hunt City: The Vintage Postcard Quiz

NYC busIf you want to learn the secrets and surprising history of America’s major cities—while having fun—try a Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt. Since 1999 we’ve been exploring the most fascinating places and researching their history, their best markets and cafes, their movie locations and other pop culture connections, their landmarks, their strange ghost stories—you name it. Then we boiled all that down into clues and humorous questions on our team building scavenger hunts.

Along the way, we’ve discovered a lot of great historic photos. Sometimes we include them on the hunts. We’ve become particularly fond of vintage postcards, and we sprinkle them around our website—see, for example, the Gangsters’ New York Scavenger Hunt. We’ve taken some of our favorite vintage postcards and turned them into the following quiz.

Leap to the postcards now to take the quiz hint-free. Or take a gander at these hints: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. They are all cities where we offer weekend hunts for the general public.  For the nerd challenge, see if you can name the specific neighborhood too. Ready, and…wait for it…GO!


LA Hollywood Blvd



NYC Bowery



SF Wharf 1



Boston Faneuill Hall-Adams c



DC National Gallery



Chicago Navy Pier



Phila Independence Hall


1. Hollywood Boulevard, on the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt, Los Angeles
2. The Bowery (looking north from Grand St.), on the Gangsters’ New York Scavenger Hunt, New York City
3. Fisherman’s Wharf, on the Wharf’s Weird Wonders Scavenger Hunt, San Francisco (you can see part of Coit Tower in the background)
4. Faneuil Hall, on the Secrets of Old Boston Scavenger Hunt, along the Freedom Trail, Boston
5. National Gallery, scene of the crime on the Murder at the National Gallery Scavenger Hunt, Washington, D.C. (with the Capitol in the background)
6. Navy Pier, scene of the Navy Pier Pressure Scavenger Hunt, Chicago
7. Independence Hall, featured on the Secrets of Old Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt

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