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Bonus Challenge: Can You Name These 9 Disney Characters?

Watson Adventures Family Friendly Scavenger HuntsFamily scavenger hunts offer so much for everyone. They’re unique adventures in culture- and history-rich places, and the fun, funny clues are smart enough for parents and manageable enough for children. And sometimes they include special themed bonus challenges, where players try to ID characters from TV, movies, and cartoons.

Want a taste of the fun? Try to name these nine Disney characters based on three cryptic clues. After creating this, we quizzed some coworkers—and let’s just say, a few questions toward the end had ’em stumped.

Character #1

  • I don’t like capes.
  • I’m very creative.
  • I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now.

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Character #2

  • I hang out with my two flunkies.
  • I like to make deals.
  • I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty.

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Character #3

  • I have allergies.
  • Someone sleeps in my bed.
  • I am short.

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Character #4

  • I have sticks.
  • I like warm hugs.
  • I am made of magic.

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Character #5

  • I can pull heavy things.
  • I’m voiced by a comedian.
  • I’m pretty rusty.

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Character #6

  • I have fur.
  • My bark is worse than my bite.
  • I don’t sing.

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Character #7

  • I love selfies.
  • I’m pretty Grimm.
  • I’m haunted by a sin.

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Character #8

  • There are two kinds of characters: predators and prey.
  • I’m a small-town youth who moves to a big city.
  • I’m genuinely excited about an unexpected job.

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Character #9

  • My name follows the rule of ablaut reduplication.
  • Most people, if not everyone, has had one of me.
  • I had an emotional send-off.

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If you need some extra help, here are the nine characters to choose from, in alphabetical order:

Bing Bong, Edna Mode, Evil Queen, Judy Hopp, Mater, Olaf, Sneezy, Sully, Ursula

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