At Home Virtual Games for the Guest of Honor & Other Graduation Party Ideas

Don’t Let COVID Crash the Party

Like pretty much every other aspect of normal life, schooling has drastically changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. And that disruption is especially tough for students who should be looking forward to graduation. Instead of graduation ceremonies and graduation parties, those students have gotten stay-at-home orders and home-schooling.

So how do you celebrate graduation during a pandemic? Here you’ll find some of our favorite graduation party ideas for these strange times.

Virtual Games for the Guest of Honor

The new, customizable Virtual Graduation Celebration Game is the perfect way to toast your grad. In this festive spin on the Trivia Slam Game, family and friends get together to tackle five fun rounds of trivia about famous parties, musical merriment, and even the guest of honor. Thanks to custom rounds prepared in advance, multiple parts of game will revolve around your graduate. The day is theirs, and so is this game.

(Looking to celebrate a different event? We also offer the new Virtual Birthday Party Game and the new Virtual Bridal Shower Game.)

Any of our other new virtual games to play at home can spotlight your graduate as a guest of honor. When you play the Trivia Slam Game or the Escape To the Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt, teams enter “breakout rooms” in Zoom so they can play together without other teams overhearing. As the guest of honor, your graduate can move from breakout room to breakout room, getting to spend time and play together with everyone playing the game.

Virtual Surprise Parties

Arrange a one-on-one video-conference call with your graduate, and suggest you both dress up for fun. Then when your grad joins the call, surprise! You’ve gathered a whole bunch of their favorite people to wish celebrate the grad’s accomplishments.

Backyard Graduation Ceremony

DIY backyard graduation celebration

Throw a “graduation” in your yard, complete with speeches, pictures of relatives on folding chairs, and a handing out of a diploma. For some extra pizazz, make your grad wear dress up, fire up Pomp and Circumstance, and ask your neighbors to cheer.

Go High Tech

For those with some tech savvy, create a memorable video montage or group photo for your grad. Ask friends and loved ones to send a short video message congratulating your graduate, and then stitch them together in an app like iMovie.

Or take photos of your grad all dressed up, and Photoshop them together with photos of their spiffed-up classmates. They might not be together now, but that group photo will be a lifelong memory.

DIY Decorations

Senior holding homemade graduation decoration

Get the whole family in on a crafting session to make graduation decorations for home. Younger siblings will love being so involved in the festivities. You can also pick flowers from the garden, or wildflowers, to make your own corsage or boutonniere.

Schedule a Big Day

It won’t be what they expected a few months ago, but you can give your grad a big day. Arrange for groups of friends and family for Zoom calls at set times throughout the day. Loved ones can celebrate your grad during breakfast, yoga, lunch, a walk around the neighborhood, a champagne toast (for the adults on the call, of course), cake, even an evening dance party.

Our Virtual Games Include…

The Escape TO the Museum Scavenger Hunt: Enjoy an online scavenger hunt that takes you on a virtual tour of galleries and exhibits in great museums across the country—all while you sit at home. Work with your teammates to track down pieces of art and history and answer fun, tricky questions about what you find.

The Murder at the Art Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Again you’re visiting famous museums online, but this time you’re chasing a killer. To catch them, you’ll follow clues, find art, answer amusing questions about what you find online, and suss out the name of the killer, the scene of the crime, and weapon used. Think you’re up to the task?

The Trivia Slam Game: Like a pub quiz, but with an emphasis on trivia questions that require teammates to put their brains together. A surprising mix of visual, audio, and mental challenges—plus a lot of humor—keeps the group on their toes and pulling together. The photo challenge round provides particular surprises, as you get to know your teammates and the rest of the group better. Right now we have two different editions of the game available, with more in the works.

The Murder by Team Building Game: There’s nothing like an international crisis to pull a team together. It turns out that your original Watson Adventures host was found dead, and now your group must play the game he created to find out who wanted him dead. As you solve puzzles and discover secret messages, you’ll find yourselves caught up in a spy caper.

The Wizard School Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Grab your wands for a Wizarding adventure. Virtually visit museums in search of art that echoes characters, places, and magical objects in the famed Harry Potter books and movies. All-adult teams and family teams can all compete in this hunt.

Family Editions: For corporate groups looking to include families, or for parents and teachers looking to entertain and educate kids, we offer family editions of several games, including the Escape To the Museum Hunt, the Trivia Slam Game, and the Murder at the Art Museum Hunt.

Contact us to learn more about virtual corporate team building games and to find the right fit for your company.

Backyard graduation photo courtesy of the family. Decoration photo by Juan Ramos on Unsplash