Scavenger Hunts in<br />  Phoenix & Scottsdale

Scavenger Hunts in
Phoenix & Scottsdale

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Top 5 Scavenger Hunts in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Try a group game with a level playing field: on a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt, you and your team will be challenged to use your wits and great teamwork to triumph, while having fun in a great location—either virtually or in-person. Since our first hunt in 1999, we’ve delighted more than half a million hunters across the country with our team-building activities.

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Scavenger Hunts in<br />  Phoenix & Scottsdale

Outdoor scavenger hunts and museum games

The Phoenix Art Museum Mania Scavenger Hunt adds a dash of culture to your team-building activity, as you follow a trail of tricky clues in search of answers to questions about the amusing and amazing details you find in the art. But no knowledge of art or the museum is necessary to win.

The Murder at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt takes the Museum Mania game and adds a mystery you must solve, in which details in masterpieces provide evidence in your investigation.

The Wild Wildlife Scavenger Hunt sends you on a searchin’ safari at the Phoenix Zoo, where strange facts about species familiar and exotic can help Homo sapiens triumph. The game is also a great way to support the zoo’s important mission.

Plus, Kids Editions let youngsters ages 7 and up get in the game, collaborating with adults on adventures that make for a memorable school field trip or birthday celebration.

Stuck in the office? Check out our Anywhere options: murder mystery games, trivia games, and virtual team building activities that can be played in your own conference room.

Virtual team-building games

On our Virtual Team-Building Games you’ll meet with our Host on Zoom or your favorite conferencing platform. Then, in teams, you'll split into teams in separate breakout rooms. Using our browser-based app, you and your teammates will follow a trail of clues across the web in search of answers to fun, funny questions.

What game is best for your team? On our virtual games, you might explore museums and famous places across America or even across the globe; or you might crack puzzles to solve a murder mystery; or you might tackle tricky trivia in a virtual "pub quiz" with surprising challenges.

If your group is up for more of a challenge, try a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. Or, if you enjoy escape-the-room games, see if you have what it takes to find your way out of a museum—with your life.

You can book a virtual game for your favorite group anytime. Check out our Virtual Team-Building Games.

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