Scavenger Hunts in Midtown Manhattan

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The Grand Central Scavenger Hunts

Historical, Hysterical, and Weather-Proof Adventures

It’s a palace of the people! It’s an old-fashioned magnificent transit hub, with the whispers of bygone transcontinental trains! It’s packed with history and secrets! It’s filled with a lively market of fresh foods, a dining concourse with culinary delights, and hallways of unusual stores! It’s a gathering place, a maze of wonders, and a fantastic place for a scavenger hunt. No wonder it’s our most popular scavenger hunt location in America.

We have a variety of hunts at Grand Central to suit any group seeking a team-building activity, any gathering of friends looking for unusual fun, even weekend hunts for the general public. Click on a link to get the full low-down:

Head over to the Grand Central page to learn more. If you would like a private hunt for 12 people or less, consider the Small Group option. For larger groups, contact us below—and prepare to find more fun in Grand Central!

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The Midtown Madness Scavenger Hunt

Discover what you’ve missed

You’ll be amazed at the variety of cool, fascinating, and funny places you’ve walked past and didn’t know about. For example, did you know that there’s a section of the Berlin Wall in Midtown? A secret sound sculpture in the middle of Times Square? A Whispering Gallery in Grand Central? You may have worked in the neighborhood for years but easily missed the treasures we’ll show you.

This team-building activity features the best places in the core of Midtown, from 42nd Street to 53rd, centering on Fifth Avenue—and you’ll use passageways the tourists don’t know about. Sure, you’ll get a taste of the famous locations—Times Square, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral—but you’ll also discover TV and movie locations, hidden historic spots, tastes of foreign lands, overlooked oddball art, and much more.

You get to choose which area of Midtown you most want to explore. The locations you visit will depend on which section you’d like to start and finish in. You decide that and we’ll provide a tantalizing team-building tour.

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The Times Square Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt

A classic scavenger hunt—with our signature twists!

If your company is in the Times Square area, prepared to be surprised by how many hidden, fascinating, and amusing sights you’ve missed, sometimes right below your feet. On teams, you’ll search for answer to tricky questions about hidden history in a variety of locations within blocks of the famous crossroads, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Along the way you’ll need to keep your eyes open to complete unusual photo challenges. And you’ll also need to find or create unusual items that require the use of your brain and your funny bone.

Highlights include…

  • An unmarked grate with a humming sound designed by an artist
  • Old-time movie palaces and legendary theaters
  • A time capsule
  • Movie star caricatures in a famous restaurant, with a message from James Bond
  • A petrified silent-screen star peddling shoes

Keep an eye out for our Hunt Host, who’ll meet you for a surprise bonus challenge.

We promise: you’ll be amazed at what you discover, including the hidden talents of your teammates.

An edition for adults and kids to enjoy together is great for a “Take Your Child to Work” activity or for school field trips.

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The 42nd Street Scramble Scavenger Hunt

The heart of Manhattan will get yours pumping

Perhaps no street in the city has as colorful and fascinating a history as 42nd Street. You’ll see the best of it, from majestic Grand Central to exuberant Times Square. To triumph, your team will have to collaborate to find the scene of the famous Algonquin Round Table, decipher clues in the eye-popping 42nd Street Library, and find a dinosaur and a time capsule in Times Square.

Other highlights include a horse race in Bryant Park, dueling Founding Fathers, locations where famous films were shot, a path paved with quirky authors’ quotes, and the site of a missing missile.

You choose the segment you most want to explore and the time you have for the game. We’ll do the rest.