Scavenger Hunts in Grand Central Terminal

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The Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

Grand Central as you’ve never seen it, on an NYC scavenger hunt!

Discover the fascinating history, cool places, and surprising sights in the terminal. Highlights include mysterious markings in the constellation ceiling, the last survivor of the Biltmore Hotel, the gourmet extravaganza of the Grand Central Market, the architectural wonder of the Whispering Gallery, the dazzling art deco lobby of the Chrysler Building, surprising historic photos in the Graybar Building, the bustling food court, hidden art, and more.

No previous knowledge of Grand Central is necessary to succeed: you just need a sharp mind and comfortable shoes.

Interact more: the Mixed Alliances Edition

If you’re seeking a team-building activity with increased interactions between participants, try the Mixed Alliances Edition, in which each team must meet and collaborate with three other teams as the game unfolds. Available on private group hunts only. Learn more.

What people are saying about the Grand Central scavenger hunt

A 5-star review on Google: “Fun experience! very detailed on instructions and clues were fun and ‘doable.’ Great ending with medals as recognition.”

Another 5-star review on Google: “We had a group of 20 work colleagues do the Grand Central Station scavenger hunt and we had a blast! We broke off into 3 teams and had a great competition! I am from NY, I work in the city and have been in GCS [Grand Central Station] countless times and learned things I never knew! GCS is full of history! I highly recommend this tour and working with Watson was breeze!!”

Yet another 5-star Google review: Our hunt of Grand Central in NYC created such a unique work teambuilding event that everyone who participated asked ‘When can we do that again?’ It really gave an opportunity to forge new relationships and teamwork within our groups that will benefit our company moving forward.”

A 5-star review on Yelp: “We were in NYC for a planning week, and Watson Adventures was recommended as a fun activity to get everyone out and moving and working in teams. It was great! We learned a lot about Grand Central, saw parts of the train station I had never thought about when catching a train, talked to all sorts of people asking what they knew about the clues (which was really funny), and Eryn [the Hunt Host] was super. I would highly recommend Watson for a fun way to share parts of the city and look forward to doing another of their scavenger hunts.”

Another 5-star review on Yelp: “We wanted to plan a fun family activity for our parents’ 50th anniversary. After much research we booked Watson Adventures for a scavenger hunt in Grand Central Station. From the start, booking the experience with Tara, to the absolute end—announcing the winner—each detail was taken care of by WA. Amazing doesn’t begin to describe our experience. It was a blast!!! Josh, our Watson Adventures leader, was awesome!!…Each question was more interesting and challenging than the next. We saw parts of Grand Central that showed us the rich history of this unique location. There were lots of laughs and learning and fun! Watson Adventures is an extraordinary experience that I wholeheartedly recommend!!”

You can purchase tickets to weekend games for the public. Or contact us to learn how you can book a private Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt for your group—and find more team-building fun in NYC!

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The Grand Central Scramble Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Uncover the secrets of America’s most amazing train station!

Kids and adults work together to learn the secrets of this amazing train station. To win, you’ll have to go nuts in the Whispering Gallery, spot surprises in the stars in the “sky,” find TV celebs in the fabulous food court, stand on fish under an upside-down tree in the Grand Central Market, count creepy critters trying to invade a “ship,” and more.

Along the way, your team will also scout for great opportunities to complete photo challenges. For instance, can you come up with a creative way to get your smiling faces and the starry Grand Central ceiling in the same selfie?

This game is great for school groups and tour groups, suitable for ages 7 and up. Each team must be accompanied by at least one adult. The fun part is how the game fosters collaboration among the kids and between the kids and chaperones.

A kids activity in NYC recommended by the media

New York Magazine, the New York TimesTime Out New York KidsNew York Family,, and, to name a few.

Teachers, principals, and other educators also love this Grand Central scavenger hunt

A 5-star review on Google: I helped organize a trip to NYC for 50 Girl Scouts and asked Watson Adventures to set up a scavenger hunt for us in Grand Central Station. What a unique and fun experience!! I cannot say enough good things about our two hosts, Mia and Correy! Both actors, in addition to hunt hosts, they really knew how to handle our large group, making sure everyone felt included and had a great time!”

“I have to say that we had such a fantastic time doing the Grand Central Scramble Scavenger Hunt. We loved enjoying this with our students and seeing them using critical thinking skills to find the answers. Thank you for all your hard work!” –Jenelle Hamer, Glen Ridge High School Special Educator

Another 5-star Google review:We celebrated my daughter’s 12th birthday with 14 kids at the Grand Central Station Scavenger hunt. The kids had a blast. The questions were perfect and it was a very unique way to celebrate. Thanks Watson Adventures!

Contact us to learn more about a private hunt for your group. Or join us on the occasional weekend when we offer this hunt to the general public—click the button below to see the schedule. Either way, you’ll find more fun in NYC!

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Escape Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

Puzzle #1: How to save your life?

The bad news: you’ve been puzzled in Grand Central Terminal! The good news (sort of) is that the evil genius who threatens to zap your brain into porridge is giving you a chance to solve a series of puzzles that will lead to an antidote. Is your team clever enough to save yourselves before time runs out?

Along the way, you’ll also get a cool tour of Grand Central’s secrets and most interesting sights. The only catch is that you’ll have to solve devilishly tricky puzzles involving what you discover. Ultimately you’ll need to crack a coded message to get the life-saving antidote. Think your team is up for it?

If you’ve done the Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt (which is more like a whirlwind walking tour), this game features all-new questions, but about things you’ve already seen. But be warned: this hunt is more challenging.

If you enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries, or puzzling mysteries, or mystery puzzles, or just want to have fun with friends and colleagues, you’ll have a blast exploring Grand Central on this unusual scavenger hunt. Click a button below to join a weekend public game or find out about private games for groups.

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The Murder in Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

Can you deduce whodunit?

A Watson Adventures staffer has been found dead in Grand Central Terminal, and we need your help to catch his killer. Before he died, he drew a star on the floor with his blood. What does this mean? It turns out that he lived a dangerous double life. Can your team of sleuths piece together the puzzle he left behind in time to head off an international incident with catastrophic consequences?

Along the way, you’ll see the best sights from our Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt—but in this game, surprising details turn out to be clues to a cryptic code. The fate of the free world may depend on your teamwork.

What delighted detectives are saying

A 5-star review on Google: “Birthday celebration: scavenger hunt/murder mystery through Grand Central Station. We had 3 teams, the hunt was challenging, & fun. ‘Got my steps in for the day. :-)’ Everyone had a good time. Our Watson [hunt host] was great. I would highly recommend Watson Adventures to friends, family & co-workers.”

Contact us to learn more about this Grand Central murder mystery—and find more fun in NYC!

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The Munch Around Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

You can almost taste victory…

…on this team-building tour that combines the hidden history of this landmark terminal with samples of its many treats. On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues to answer fun and funny questions about what you find. You’ll also discover that Grand Central has become a bit of a gourmet destination, and you’ll be challenged to stage “photo ops” to prove that you’ve indulged in the delectables along the way.

Highlights of the hunt might include…

  • The Grand Central Market, bustling and bursting with fresh food vendors
  • A view of the Oyster Bar and its magnificent tiled ceilings
  • Li-Lac Chocolates, where teams that make a purchase get a free treat
  • Magnolia Cupcakes, enjoyed by the ladies on Sex and the City
  • Mendy’s, a classic New York Jewish deli with a famous tie to Seinfeld
  • Murray’s Cheese, New York’s premier provider of amazing and exotic cheeses
  • The new Great Northern Food Hall, featuring Nordic foods in a stunning setting 
  • Jacques Torres Ice Cream, with its colorful and enticing array of flavors
  • Financier Patisserie, with delicate French pastries
  • …and the proverbial “so much more”

Time to take your buds, and your taste buds, on a tantalizing tour! There’s no better way to bring people together, get them relaxed, and have fun than by sharing an adventure with great food. 

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The Escape from Grand Central Scavenger Hunt for Kids

You’ve been poisoned!

That’s actually good news (sort of), since the evil genius who did this is challenging you to solve a series of puzzles to come up with the combination to a box that contains the antidote. Sure, you can escape a room, but can you unlock the box and escape Grand Central with your life? 

Kids and adults work together on teams to follow the villain’s trail of diabolical clues, leading you to explore all kinds of amazing places in Grand Central Terminal. You’ll have to answer tricky, fun questions about what you find, interact with our staff to tackle sneaky puzzles, and ultimately crack a code to save your team. Are you ready for a challenge?

This game is suitable for ages 10 and up, with at least one adult per team required.

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