Murder Mystery Puzzles

The Puzzled in
Grand Central
Scavenger Hunt

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The Puzzled in Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

Puzzle #1: How to save your life?

The bad news: you’ve been puzzled in Grand Central Terminal! The good news (sort of) is that the evil genius who threatens to zap your brain into porridge is giving you a chance to solve a series of puzzles that will lead to an antidote. Is your team clever enough to save yourselves before time runs out?

Along the way, you’ll also get a cool tour of Grand Central’s secrets and most interesting sights. The only catch is that you’ll have to solve devilishly tricky puzzles involving what you discover. Ultimately you’ll need to crack a coded message to get the life-saving antidote. Think your team is up for it?

If you’ve done the Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt (which is more like a whirlwind walking tour), this game features all-new questions, but about things you’ve already seen. But be warned: this hunt is more challenging.

If you enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries, or puzzling mysteries, or mystery puzzles, or just want to have fun with friends and colleagues, you’ll have a blast exploring Grand Central on this unusual scavenger hunt. Click a button below to join a weekend public game or find out about private games for groups.

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