New Orleans<br /> Scavenger Hunt

New Orleans
Scavenger Hunt

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Wish you were there? If you can't get to the Big Easy, why not settle for...the rest of the world? Connect with colleagues or friends in virtual games that prompt wonder, laughter, and team bonding. Our virtual tour games are like walking tours spiked with caffeine. Meet our host on Zoom and follow a trail of clues through virtual museum galleries and around landmarks online, in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions.

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New Orleans<br /> Scavenger Hunt

We've used our decades of experience running real-world games in New Orleans and other cities across the U.S. to create virtual city tours and other online games that connect colleagues and friends by having fun together. You can also explore museums across the U.S., take a virtual tour around the world, solve a murder mystery, or tackle entertaining trivia and unusual challenges.

It's easy: You meet our Host on Zoom, get set up on teams, and then head into breakout rooms, where you'll use our browser-based app to get clues to chase down on amazing websites, in search of answers to tricky questions. To win, all you need is a good connection to the internet and good teamwork.

Get in the game: Book a team-building game for your group anytime: see all of our Virtual Team-Building Games. Or round up a team of friends or family for weekend games for the general public.

If a real world game is possible...

Make the Big Easy a bit more challenging—in the best possible way—on our scavenger hunts that provide a whirlwind tour of the French Quarter, the historic heart of New Orleans. On these team-building activities that are great for any group, you’ll follow a trail of clues that reveal the secrets of the charm-filled blocks in and around Jackson Square. Along the way, you’ll be challenged to answer amusing questions about what you find.

You might need to inspect cannons in the Washington Artillery Park during your team-building adventure. Or get a thorough nose-dusting of powdered sugar at Café du Monde. You’ll search out Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, Fats and Jumbo, the Old Absinthe House, and a pope’s “umbrella” at the St. Louis Cathedral. And you’ll collect only answers, not beads, on Bourbon Street. 

No knowledge of the French Quarter is necessary: you just need great teamwork and a sense of humor. Laissez les bons temps rouler and you might earn bonus points! If you savor a good challenge, your group can also solve a murder mystery, on a hunt where hidden history provides crucial clues. You might prevent an international crisis...and eat a beignet or two.

If the weather’s not your friend, or you’re stuck in a conference room, consider the Trivia Slam or the Murder by Team Building Game.

Find out why numerous Fortune 500 companies visiting Louisiana have asked us to stage memorable adventures for their groups and why our team-building games have been recommended by USA Today, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet guides, and National Geographic Traveler, among many others.

Learn How It Works, start exploring your options above, or consider our Virtual Team-Building Games, or just contact us—and find more fun in New Orleans!

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