Scavenger Hunts in The French Quarter

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The Secrets of the French Quarter Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt in New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood that bares it all

Figuratively, of course. (Though you may also get a glimpse of that in the literal sense on Bourbon Street.) Leaving a trail of beignet sugar in your wake, your team will roam the streets of the French Quarter as you answer fun and funny questions about the delightful, bizarre, and hilarious reminders of its vivid past and wild present.

Exploring the French Quarter, your team will discover…

  • Eye-searing Mardi Gras decorations left up year-round
  • Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s spooky stomping grounds
  • The birthplaces of a bluesman and the muffuletta sandwich
  • The magnificent St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest continuously operated cathedral in the U.S.
  • Humorously dubious “cures” at the Pharmacy Museum
  • A watering hole for ex-presidents, clowns, and the Sultan of Swat

Your team could answer such questions as…

  • Near Café du Monde, famous for its gut-busting beignets, take a shot at recharging your “batteries.” What dance move can you assume a cannon here wants to obliterate once and for all? Answer: A cannon points directly at a sign for the Moonwalk, a pathway skirting the Mississippi.
  • Take a gander (or a beak) around John Audubon’s early studio. Don’t be afraid to let your mind get fowl: what bird always nests nearby? Answer: A flamingo perches on the balcony across the street from the Audubon studio.

No knowledge of the neighborhood is necessary: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and good teamwork. If you’re in town for a brief stay, this game is a great way to see the highlights while having fun with teammates.

What are players saying about this New Orleans scavenger hunt?

A 5-star review on Google: “We booked Watson Adventures for a private scavenger hunt in NOLA for my puzzle-master brother’s bachelor party (12 folks in total) and it was super fun! The hunt was challenging enough (physically and mentally) that even the biggest trivia nerds were stumped a few times, and our host, Eric, was great. If you’re looking for a unique way to learn about the French Quarter, have a really good time, and learn some really cool facts about vampire brothers, I could not recommend Watson Adventures enough!”

Praise from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau: “I can’t thank your team enough for all your efforts and hard work! The photos [taken by teams during the game] looked fantastic, and attendees had a fabulous time. Thanks again for all you did.”

Contact us to learn more about the Secrets of the French Quarter scavenger hunt—and find more fun in New Orleans!

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The Murder in the French Quarter Scavenger Hunt

There’s a killer on the loose…

…and it’s up to you to find him before he wreaks more havoc on Bourbon Street and beyond. The unfortunate victim was one of our own—a Watson Adventures staffer who was supposed to be your Hunt Host for this event. Before he died, he left you one final message in the form of a clue: a star scrawled on the ground in his own blood. If your team can figure out what it means, you’ll start to uncover the secrets of his dangerous double life, deduce what got him killed, and head off a catastrophic international incident.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy a whirlwind tour of the French Quarter, where surprising details turn out to be part of a secret code. This scavenger hunt offers a great way to bring together a diverse group of people and get them laughing and having fun. It’s perfect for corporate retreats, birthday parties, social-group outings—you name it!

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The Munch Around the French Quarter Scavenger Hunt

The most delicious tour you’ll ever take

Your taste buds will never be the same once you try this group game that leads you through the French Quarter’s culinary wonderland. On teams, you’ll discover the most unusual and enticing restaurants, cafés, markets, and even food carts in the French Quarter, as you search for answers to tricky, humorous questions.

You’ll not only answer our usual array of funny questions—you’ll also be challenged to acquire and taste such New Orleans fare as monkey buns, grilled chocolate pecan pie, shrimp po’boys, muffuletta, dark and stormy pork, fried green tomatoes, skillet s’mores, salted caramel gelato, and, of course, Café du Monde’s world-famous beignets.

Along the way you might also find…

  • A deterrent to keep Romeo away from Juliet
  • Seared Gulf-shrimp po-boys that are killer.
  • Jazz greats at Preservation Hall
  • Appetizers to keep you safe from Vampires
  • Melt-in-your-mouth southern pralines
  • Chicken that claims to be “slap yo’ mamma good”

In addition to answering questions about what you find you’ll also be challenged to take photos of the team enjoying the snacks you’ve collected. Bring your appetite—and your sense of adventure!

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The Celebrate New Orleans Scavenger Hunt

A game you can play anywhere in town

Any day can feel like Mardi Gras when you hit the streets for this team-building extravaganza. You’ll tackle a variety of fun challenges, many of which celebrate the traditions, history, and spirit of the Big Easy. Your team might be asked to…

  • Take a team photo doing your best impression of a New Orleans brass band, using found instruments
  • Find a pinch of powdered sugar, in honor of amazing beignets
  • If you’re near the French Quarter, discover the connection between a House of Voodoo and an emperor’s rash.

If you’re part of a corporate group in town for a convention, this game can launch from whatever hotel you’re staying in, and can accommodate groups of any size. You could say that the hunt could be the perfect lagniappe to your New Orleans visit.

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