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Milwaukee Games
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Team-Building Fun for Milwaukee Groups

Top 5 Milwaukee Scavenger Hunts

Some team-building activities are nonstop puzzles, which some people in your group will love. Other team-building games are wall-to-wall silliness, which other people will embrace. But if you really want to entertain a diverse group, then look no further than our acclaimed scavenger hunts, available both outdoors and online.

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Milwaukee Games<br /> & Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts & Museum Games

Real-world games: Our scavenger hunts that have delighted Milwaukee groups since 2015. What other American city lets you explore a European village in a museum, enjoy a riverside view with a bronze Fonz, and go nose-to-nose with piranhas, pythons, and penguins? All these adventures and more are possible on a fun, fast-paced Watson Adventures scavenger hunt in Milwaukee—perfect for corporate team building or a social event with friends.

Where would you like to have your team-building fun? Some popular Milwaukee options are...

  • The Public Museum Madness Scavenger Hunt, which takes you on a surreal journey across continents and millennia, as you explore full-size re-creations of jungles, Asian temples, Native American villages, ancient Rome, and even the 19th-century streets of Milwaukee
  • The Downtown Milwaukee Dash Scavenger Hunt, where you’ll stroll along the RiverWalk and discover the hidden history in the neighboring streets, from cool landmark buildings to, yes, a statue of TV’s Fonzie
  • The Hog Wild at the Harley-Davidson Museum Scavenger Hunt, which regularly surprises hunters with the many ways that motorcycles, vintage to modern, provide fascinating entries into history and pop culture 
  • The Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt, a team-building game that can be played anywhere and challenges you collect and create unusual items, get creative with photo challenges, and crack a mystery message

For budding Sherlocks in your crew, Murder Mystery Editions are available in just about any location, whether in a museum, out in a neighborhood, or even in your conference room.

Kids Editions give youngsters ages 7 and up an opportunity to work together with adults to explore such places as the Public Museum, which is particularly popular with school groups on field trips.

Virtual team-building games

Since 1999 we’ve entertained half a million people with fast, fun, smart games that engage both your brain and your funny bone. Now we've translated our expertise into an array of virtual games: See the wonders of the world! Walk through the virtual galleries of museums, explore legendary landmarks, discover new and surprising places. Or crack puzzles and solve a murder mystery. Or tackle tricky trivia and other unusual challenges on a surprising virtual pub quiz.

Via Zoom or your favorite platform, you'll join our live Host to start the game, then head into breakout rooms on teams to collaborate on clues that you get via our browser-based app. You enter your answers in the app, rack up the points, and pause for a bonus challenge with the Host. You might even pause for photo challenges—all from the comfort of your WFH desk.

Which game is best for your group? We have games to delight groups of all kinds, for all occasions. See all of our Virtual Team-Building Games. Any game is available to any group at any time, or you can join us for our weekend virtual games for the general public.

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