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The Downtown
Milwaukee Dash
Scavenger Hunt

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The Downtown Milwaukee Dash Scavenger Hunt

Reveal the secrets of RiverWalk…

…and the neighboring blocks on a scavenger hunt through the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Your team will search for answers to tricky, humorous questions about what you discover, including the magnificent City Hall made famous by Laverne & Shirley, a famous flock of stubborn birds, the log cabin on the scene of the city’s first settlement, the Pabst Theater, a building that had to change its identity during World War I, and, of course, the Bronze Fonz. You’ll also be challenged to take creative photos that meet unusual requirements and find the Hunt Host for a surprise bonus challenge.

Your team might tackle such questions as…

  • Find the jerk who made you cross the river at an angle today. Behind him, find out: how many times did the MJ feature a mom and her brood? (She must’ve had a great publicist!) Answer: A history sign about the Bridge Wars features Byron Kilbourn, who arranged street grids to the west of the river so that they wouldn’t match up with the ones to the east. Behind him, you can learn that Gertie the duck and her chicks were featured in the ‘Milwaukee Journal’ 37 times.
  • Find people who always stand outside, undaunted by rain, sleet, or snow (or gloom of night, we assume). And yet how many years since the founding did it take for them to be delivered here? Answer: A statue honors the National Association of Letter Carriers, erected 100 years after the organization was founded.

Don’t worry if those questions seem hard: we’ve left out the clues that let you locate the places you need to visit. No previous knowledge is needed to answer the questions. You just need good teamwork and sharp eyes.

This is a great game for bringing together a diverse group of people and getting them to interact. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a family reunion, or an outing for your church, club, or alumni group, you’ll discover that this scavenger hunt provides a fun way to mingle and make new friends—or see old friends in a new light.

What delighted clients are saying

“The hunt was fantastic! Thank you!” —the organizer for a corporate group of 63 people who did this hunt

“We had a ton of fun on the scavenger hunt—great memories and great pictures to remember it by!” —a software company

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