Scavenger Hunts at Cincinnati Zoo

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The Murder at the Cincinnati Zoo Scavenger Hunt

A case for your team of sleuths to crack: a zoodunit!

Was it a bear? A tiger? A Komodo dragon? Or some nefarious Homo sapiens? Whatever it was, something or somebody got to the host of your team-building activity before you did: he was found dead inside the zoo. It turns out that the scavenger hunt he had created for your group not only revealed cool secrets about the wildlife on display, it also seems to conceal a secret message—and a tale of international intrigue!

We need your help to find out who killed our staffer and why. On teams, you’ll do the hunt, answering tricky questions about surprising facts about the amazing animals on exhibit. We hope that this will reveal information about who wanted our host dead. The fate of the free world might depend on your teamwork!

No knowledge of the zoo or its residents is required to answer the questions and solve this mystery. No matter what, your search will uncover fun team bonding and lots of laughs for all! And the animals will appreciate your support. Contact us to learn more—before the killer strikes again!

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The Wild Wildlife Scavenger Hunt

A fun and funny safari at an amazing zoo

Is your group like a well-coordinated pack of hunters? Or are you a bunch of lone wolves who can’t work together? Your teamwork skills are put to the test on this fun, funny scavenger hunt that reveals the most inspiring animals and unusual facts about wildlife from around the world. You’ll follow a trail of clues around the zoo to find answers to tricky, humorous questions about the animals you encounter. No knowledge of the zoo or the animals is required: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and great teamwork.

Along the way, you’ll roam the Reptile House, check out the cheetahs, navigate Cat Canyon, gawk at the Gorilla World, wander Wolf Woods, and maybe ogle an orangutan or two. Keep your camera ready: You’ll also need to complete Team Photo Challenges, many of which will require an animal in the picture.

The zoo is also a botanical garden, so it’s an ideal setting for a team-building activity that takes your colleagues far from the office, to a place where they can interact in a new way that forms new bonds. And best of all, you”ll also be supporting wildlife conservation. An Edition for Kids is also available, in which kids and adults must work together—ideal for school groups.

Since 1999 Watson Adventures has staged hunts at more than a dozen zoos around the nation. Find out what countless companies and other groups turn to us for zoo scavenger hunts. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun at the Cincinnati Zoo!

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