Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

The Random Acts of Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

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The Random Acts of Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Foster the spirit of giving in your community…

…on a scavenger hunt that encourages participants to perform random acts of gratitude, whether for strangers, for colleagues, or anonymously. You’ll hunt for opportunities to do good and document your good deeds—and the smiling faces they evoke—by taking photos or videos, or by collecting objects. It’s a great team-building activity for any group that wants to underline the importance of being a force for good in the world.

You might tackle such challenges as…

  • Helping a senior citizen
  • Providing someone an opportunity to “pay it forward”
  • Expressing appreciation to someone in uniform
  • Collecting a can of food requested by a local charity
  • Secretly doing something nice for a member of another team—and revealing it at the finish line

There are at least a dozen more opportunities to be charitable to choose from, so you can stay within your comfort zone—or perhaps push beyond it. During the hunt, teams will be able to see everyone’s photos on their phones, spurring them to outdo one another in creative generosity.

Along the way, you’ll also find the Hunt Host for a special interactive bonus challenge that tests your knowledge about famous “great moments of kindness.”

Your company could even make the prize for coming in first a donation to a charity, perhaps chosen by the winners. This scavenger hunt is a great activity for any group that wants to promote the spirit of community service and charitable giving. It’s ideal for nonprofits, teachers, students, fund-raisers, church groups—you name it.

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