Scavenger Hunts in The Loop

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The Secrets of the Loop Scavenger Hunt

Discover the historic heart of Chicago…

…on a team-building activity that reveals the secrets of the Picasso in Daley Plaza, the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, humorous gargoyles, marvels of architecture, and much more. You’ll follow a trail of clues in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions about the unusual sights and facts you find.

On this Chicago scavenger hunt your team might seek…

  • A fishy foreigner among presidents 1 and 16
  • A Braille “mini mi” that points to a raging fire
  • A Pope and four Cooks stuck near a fountain
  • A skyline scramble
  • A famous magician who hides between the lions

You’ll play the game on your phone, using our browser-based app. Our Hunt Host will meet you at the start to set you up and meet you again at the end to reveal the final results. Along the way, you might also be challenged to complete team photo challenges and perhaps a surprise bonus challenge.

This group game is perfect for corporate outings, locals or tourists looking for some secret city history, student or alumni gatherings, birthday parties, and any other occasion where you’re looking for an activity that’s unique, fun, and funny. An International or ESL Edition is also available for groups with players whose first language might not be English.

On select weekends, you can join games for the general public—just click on the calendar button below to see the schedule!

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The Loop Movie Locations Scavenger Hunt

See Chicago through the eyes of Hollywood

One of Hollywood’s favorite back lots, believe it or not, is the Loop—a cinematic chameleon that has even occasionally doubled for New York. This tour takes you to numerous places where famous TV and movie scenes have been shot. You’ll learn their secrets and answer tricky, humorous questions about what you find to lead your team to the hunt equivalent of an Oscar.

Highlights might include…

  • A giant orange Flamingo (hello, Ferris Bueller!)
  • A shocking sight in Daley Plaza (goodbye, Harrison Ford in The Fugitive!)
  • Strange figures outside the City Hall–Cook County Building (watch out, Blues Brothers!)
  • The elegant spot where movie characters dined in Marshall Field’s (OK, call it Macy’s)
  • Lesser-known places made memorable by Batman and other silver-screen luminaries

No knowledge of the movies featured or the Loop is necessary—you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

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The Murder in the Loop Scavenger Hunt

The police have made a disturbing discovery…

…and you’re at the center of the crime scene. Help them figure out who killed a Watson Adventures staffer who left behind a startling clue: a star on the ground, drawn with his own blood. As you solve that mystery and many others, you’ll learn the victim’s dangerous secrets and try to head off an international incident that could have deadly and far-reaching consequences.

You’ll also uncover the hidden history of the Loop, as on the Secrets of the Loop Scavenger Hunt, but on this wild whodunit, every answer turns out to be part of a curious code. The world as we know it may depend on your team’s ability to work well together.

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The Thrown for a Loops Scavenger Hunt for Kids

The Loop has never been so…loopy!

Introduce kids to the historic heart of Chicago on a game that will get them learning and laughing. Children ages 7 and up will work with their favorite adults to scour the Loop for answers to tricky, amusing questions. Starring: Daley Plaza’s Picasso, Millennium Park, the Chicago Cultural Center, Marshall Field’s (aka Macy’s), and much more.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • Inside a big room with wood walls in the Chicago Cultural Center’s GAR lobby, you can see the names of Civil War battles. What two battles can you put together to come up with what sounds like a way for five people to eat vegetables? Answer: Five Forks and Pea Ridge.
  • The sign for the historic Chicago Theatre is a landmark in its own right. Go inside but stay sort of outside to find out: what sounds like a bird, a car, and a doorbell? Answer: The organ, as explained by a sign in the foyer.

No knowledge of the Loop or its history is required to win. The hunt is all about paying attention to the details and playing with your team.

It’s great for school field trips, birthday parties, scout packs, and basically any activity where you want a diverse group of kids and adults to collaborate on an adventure.

What delighted teachers are saying

“I have taken students from my high school to four Watson Adventures hunts. Each time, the students have had a wonderful experience. The enthusiasm I have seen, and the teamwork that has been displayed, has been thrilling for me as an educator. My job is to keep students engaged, and Watson Adventures does that with ease. Not only are the students doing something fun—they don’t even realize how much they are learning in the process.”  

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