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The Loop Movie Locations
Scavenger Hunt

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The Loop Movie Locations Scavenger Hunt

See Chicago through the eyes of Hollywood

One of Hollywood’s favorite back lots, believe it or not, is the Loop—a cinematic chameleon that has even occasionally doubled for New York. This tour takes you to numerous places where famous TV and movie scenes have been shot. You’ll learn their secrets and answer tricky, humorous questions about what you find to lead your team to the hunt equivalent of an Oscar.

Highlights might include…

  • A shocking sight in Daley Plaza (goodbye, Harrison Ford in The Fugitive!)
  • Strange figures outside the City Hall–Cook County Building (watch out, Blues Brothers!)
  • The elegant spot where movie characters dined in Marshall Field’s (OK, call it Macy’s)
  • Lesser-known places made memorable by Batman and other silver-screen luminaries

No knowledge of the movies featured or the Loop is necessary—you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in Chicago!

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