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The Whodunit at the MIA Scavenger Hunt

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The Whodunit at the MIA Scavenger Hunt

Find art…catch a killer

An evil genius is taunting you to uncover all the evidence needed to catch and convict him. But the devil truly is in the details—in this case, close-up images of paintings and sculptures in the Minneapolis Institute of Art. If you can track down the masterpieces and answer the villain’s tricky questions about what you find, you’ll have a full confession—his name, the murder weapon, and the place where you can find the body.

Sounds easy, right? Of course not! You’ll need all of your sleuthing skills and the combined powers of your teammates to crack the case. Will your squad pull together or wilt under pressure? No knowledge of art—or crime—is needed to win. But you might be lucky just to escape with your life!

A Kids Edition, for kids and adults to enjoy together, is also available.

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