The Murder at the MIA Scavenger Hunt

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  • adults
  • indoor

The Murder at the MIA Scavenger Hunt

Secrets about works of art expose the art of murder!

Change of plans: today’s leisurely game has turned into a race to catch a killer. The Watson Adventures staffer who was supposed to host your hunt today has been found dead at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and we need your help to figure out what happened. Before he died, the victim drew a star on the ground with his blood. What does this mean? And what secrets was he hiding? Find out and you’ll figure out who killed him—and head off a potentially disastrous international incident.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy an unusual whirlwind tour of the best of the museum, where surprising details turn out to be part of a secret code. The only thing that can bring the killer to justice and save the free world? Your teamwork. (No pressure.)

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