The Secrets of SoHo Scavenger Hunt

The Secrets of SoHo Scavenger Hunt

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The Secrets of SoHo Scavenger Hunt

A stunning neighborhood almost lost

To look at the spectacular cast-iron loft buildings of today’s SoHo—filled with posh shops, galleries, and restaurants—you’d never guess that this neighborhood was headed for an appointment with a wrecking ball in the 1970s. But artists pioneered the revival of SoHo, and now its lively streets make for a great scavenger-hunt location.

Along the way, your team might…

  • Marvel at surprising works of art, including a building-size trompe l’oeil mural
  • See what Manhattan may have looked like when Native Americans were its only residents
  • Discover the last traces of when Italian immigrants called these streets home
  • Visit the more recently revived neighborhood of NoLita (North of Little Italy), filled with small shops and restaurants with innovative offerings
  • Risk running into the ghost of a woman murdered in the 18th century, resulting in a trial involving Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

You don’t need any knowledge of SoHo or its history to win this game. Instead, teamwork, sharp eyes, and a sense of adventure are the skills that will get you to the finish line fast—while having a ton of fun along the way.

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