Scavenger Hunt Philadelphia

The Secrets of
Old Philadelphia
Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The Secrets of Old Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt

Ever try time travel?

This hunt takes you back to colonial times and the tumult of 1776. You’ll see and uncover the secrets of such hallowed historic places as Independence Hall, Carpenters’ Hall (where the Continental Congress first met), the site of Ben Franklin’s home, the First Bank of the United States, City Tavern, and Dolley Madison’s digs. The hunt also dips into Society Hill, with its carefully preserved homes of the colonial elite, and Old City, the commercial district turned trendy neighborhood with artists living in cast-iron buildings.

Don’t worry if you can’t tell Ben Franklin from Ben Affleck: the hunt requires no previous knowledge. You just need to use your wits and work well with your team.

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