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The Old Philadelphia Mystery
Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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The Old Philadelphia Mystery Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Can you catch a criminal before it’s too late?

If you love a good mystery, this whirlwind hunt is for you. Explore Philadelphia’s colonial past as you solve clues and chase down a crazed killer—before he strikes again. The madman left clues about what he’ll do next, so you’ll have to crack a secret code in order to stop him. The city of Philadelphia is counting on you!

As you solve this mystery, you’ll get to explore the best of the historic Independence Hall area with your team. Along the way, you’ll learn about the Founding Fathers (plus a few of their wives), visit a head-splitting surgeon’s house, and pick up some colonial slang, among many more fun discoveries.

Whatever the occasion, from birthday parties to school field trips, this is a great game for bringing kids and adults together to learn about historic Philadelphia while making memories you’ll never forget.

Recommended for ages 10 and up. Each team must include at least one adult.

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