Team Building in Atlanta

The High Hilarity
Scavenger Hunt
at the High Museum of Art

  • private
  • adults
  • kids
  • indoor

The High Hilarity Scavenger Hunt at the High Museum of Art

Discover captivating art in a dramatic location

What more could you want from a museum? Our hunt reveals the best, the quirkiest, and the oddest of the art at the High Museum of Art. The breadth and variety of the collection is remarkable: you’ll see everything from Old Masters to young upstarts as your team follows a trail of clues and collaborates to answer tricky, humorous questions.

Your adventure might reveal…

  • A reptile hiding in a mug
  • A tree inhabited by demons
  • A woman engaged in fowl play
  • A witch who’s gone too far with the SlimFast
  • A tipsy reveler banned in Boston
  • Rare “goosesters”
  • A person painted with syrup (and mud)

And those are just a few of the amusing highlights on this revealing romp through history. You don’t need to know anything about art or the museum to triumph: you just need a sharp mind and comfy shoes.

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, try the Murder at the High Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt, in which works of art reveal clues in a whodunit that your team must solve.

The Kids Edition, for children ages 7 and up to play with adults, makes for a great way to introduce young minds to great art on a school field trip.

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