Atlanta Team Building

The Celebrate Atlanta
Scavenger Hunt

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The Celebrate Atlanta Scavenger Hunt

A team-building game you can play anywhere

Celebrate all things Atlanta while completing a variety of surprising challenges on a scavenger hunt you can play anywhere. On teams, you’ll take creative team photos, find or create unusual items, crack a mystery message, and meet with the Hunt Host for a bonus challenge. And many of the tasks will prompt you to celebrate the people, places, food, and history of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

You might be challenged to…

  • Portray a sports team going for the gold, in honor of the 1996 Olympics
  • Take a photo frozen in mid-air as if you’re flying like some of the many super heroes who have been filmed in Atlanta
  • Find or create something related to Coca-Cola, which is based in Atlanta

Plus you might celebrate such local favorites as jazz, peaches, and Six Flags in “the Hollywood of the South.” Get ready for a unique collaborative Atlanta scavenger hunt that will bring out not just the best in your favorite city but also your team.

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