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The Gallop in the Botanical Garden
Scavenger Hunt at
The Atlanta Botanical Garden

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The Gallop in the Botanical Garden Scavenger Hunt

A game, a getaway, an Atlanta team-building adventure

You might feel as if you’re journeying around the world on this scavenger hunt. The Atlanta Botanical Garden has so many types of scenery and settings that you might think it has multiple personalities. Your quest: creative team photos.

On this Atlanta team-building game, one moment you are in a forest of towering trees…the next moment you are in a tranquil garden in Japan…then you find yourself in the desert, surrounded by armed and dangerous cacti…turn a corner and you’re marveling at hungry carnivorous plants stretching skyward in front of the Atlanta skyline…pass roses to have your eyes boggle at an exuberant glass Chihuly sculpture…and wind your way downhill to confront a giant Earth Goddess rising from cascading pools….

Unusual challenges test your teamwork

Along the way you’ll meet with the Hunt Host to do a surprise Bonus Challenge.

Plus your team will need to pause to crack a nature-themed Mystery Message, where solving a puzzle and identifying songs will help you decode a cryptic message.

You don’t need to know anything about plants to win: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

An International Edition of the scavenger hunt is available for groups with participants whose first language is not English. And the Kids Edition is great for school groups as a field trip scavenger hunt the kids won’t soon forget.

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