Team Building in Atlanta

The Swimming with Sharks Scavenger Hunt
at the Georgia Aquarium

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The Swimming with Sharks Scavenger Hunt at the Georgia Aquarium

Get in the swim of team-building fun…

…on this unusual whirlwind tour of the Georgia Aquarium. Your group will tackle tricky, funny questions that reveal the best of such exhibits as the Cold Water Quest, Ocean Voyager, Tropical Diver, and River Scout. You’ll not only marvel at exotic sea creatures and unforgettable views through giant glass walls—you’ll also uncover the most bizarre and surprising facts on your quest for scavenger-hunt domination. You’ve never seen the underwater world like this before!

You’ll search for answers to such questions as…

  • Visit a giant aquatic mammal whose name sounds like a serving size for an order of caviar. What does it focus its melon on? Answer: The beluga whale has an area in its head called the melon that focuses clicks.
  • Find an Asian crustacean that can be as long as a car. If you lived as long as it does, would you collect Social Security? Answer: Yes! The Japanese spider crab can live up to 100 years.
  • Find Nemo. You might say, “With friends like him, who needs anemones?” Well, he does, actually, in order to eat…what? Answer: The clown anemonefish eats parasites from anemone.

Didn’t know the answers? Don’t worry: the questions are designed so that clues lead you to the right place to find them. You don’t need to know anything about fish or the aquarium to play—you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Editions for kids (ages 7 and up) to enjoy with adults are also available for outstanding school field trips, birthday parties, camp outings, and other adventurous occasions.

What happy hunters are saying

“Thanks to you and your staff, who worked extremely hard to give us a wonderful afternoon. The guests were raving about the experience, and everyone seemed to have had a great time. The scavenger hunt was SO much fun! We appreciate all that you guys did for us, both before and during the event, to make the day memorable. The customer service you extended to us was fantastic. You really did go above and beyond for us! The whole team at Watson Adventures was nothing short of superb. Consider this a rave review from your new friends at ACM Chemistries!”

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