Escape the Beardsley Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Escape the Beardsley Zoo Scavenger Hunt

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Escape the Beardsley Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Only great teamwork can save you

Well, that and the antidote. See, you’ve been poisoned at the start of this game, thanks to a diabolical villain. He has created a scavenger hunt at the Beardsley Zoo, in which you have to follow a trail of clues to uncover the strangest, most surprising details about exotic animals. If you can solve the villain’s tricky, brain-bending puzzles and reveal a concealed code, you’ll get the antidote. The deadline—which could be literal—is 90 minutes.

Along the way, you’ll get a whirlwind tour of some of the zoo’s most amazing animals and exhibits, and come to appreciate the vital role played by this modern-day ark. But the surprising creatures you might get to know best are your own teammates, as the game brings out your various talents. No knowledge of the zoo is required to survive this challenge. You just need to demonstrate great teamwork, have fun, and outwit an evil genius.

If you like “escape rooms,” but want to delight the people in your group who don’t love puzzles or being locked up in one room for an hour, this is a great crowd-pleasing alternative.

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