Group Activities in Connecticut The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk

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The Swimming with Sharks Scavenger Hunt

Go nose-to-nose with sharks…

…on this whirlwind, humor-filled scavenger hunt at Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium. No, you won’t literally get in the tanks, but the startling predators will swim right past you in the Ocean Beyond the Sound exhibit’s 110,000-gallon tank. You’ll also hunt for seals, jellyfish, turtles, tropical fish, model ships, history-making boats, and more, as you reel in fascinating, quirky facts while answering humorous questions with your teammates.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • If you were a common sea star, what would you do with your stomach to eat a jar of pickles? Answer: You would put it in the jar. Seriously. Sea stars begin to digest their food outside their body.
  • What should a boater do at night to avoid getting impaled by a fish? Answer: Turn off the lights, which attract leaping houndfish.

Keep in mind that we’ve left out some of the clues and directions that would help you figure out the answers. No prior knowledge of the aquarium or marine life is necessary. You just need to pull together and swim together.

This hunt has been a particular hit with companies renting out the aquarium for the evening and looking for a fun way for attendees to see the best of the exhibits.

Add some turf to the surf

If you’d like to add some local flavor to your maritime meandering, extend the hunt with the 30-minute SoNo Shuffle, which takes you through the heart of downtown South Norwalk in search of historic cast-iron buildings and unusual stores.

What happy clients are saying

“The hunt was amazing! It was a great way to rediscover the Norwalk aquarium, a neighborhood ‘oldie but goodie.’” –Nicole S. Clark-Taxiltaridis, Program Director, Community Development Institute

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The Murder at the Norwalk Aquarium Scavenger Hunt

Something’s fishy on this whodunit

Your Watson Adventures Hunt Host has been found dead by the shark tank, and you must solve the mystery and catch the killer. You and your teammates have to do the scavenger hunt at the aquarium and interrogate the fish (so to speak) to find out what the late host knew and why someone wanted him dead. By answering tricky questions about the exhibits, you just might save the world.

Along the way, you’ll uncover the secrets of this magnificent aquarium, where many a surprising fishy fact turns out to be part of a cryptic code.

This is a great game for birthday parties, alumni groups, church groups or other social clubs, family get-togethers—you name it!

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The Go Fish Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Kids and adults will find more than Nemo…

…when they collaborate to answer tricky, humorous questions on this scavenger hunt. They’ll squeal with seals, get jiggy with jellyfish, examine a boat-building shop, marvel at a model ship, and reel in buckets of fun on this trek through the aquarium.

You don’t need to be an expert on sea life to win—you just need to work together and keep your eyes open for funny details. This group game is a great activity for school and camp field trips, birthday parties, and any outing where you want to get kids thinking, cooperating, and having fun.

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