Get to Know Your Hosts: The Talented Personalities Running Your Team Building Games

The Hosts with the Most

The magic behind Watson Adventures scavenger hunts and virtual team building games simply wouldn’t come together without a crucial component: your hunt hosts! Whenever friends or colleagues get together to solve a murder mystery or explore a museum, hunt hosts are there to get the excitement started, keep the game moving, run special Bonus Challenges, and more. Hunt hosts always bring the fun!

Of course, they’re always up to something creative beyond scavenger hunts. These are just a few of our talented hunt hosts and their exciting projects.

Kim Greenberg, New York City

Kim Greenberg book

Host Kim Greenberg has written the book Business & Marketing Strategy for the Proactive Performer.

“I wrote the book I always wished I had had on the biz of the biz,” Kim says, “to help guide my performing career, as well as from my experience now having helped so many other performers on their trajectory as The Broadway Expert, a performing arts business coach.

“The book contains tons of actionable tips, templates, tools, and inspiration for your performing career, from a step-by-step process on how to get represented, to cover letters, to casting, branding, and so much more. Plus it features stories from my 25+ year career working as an actor. Whether you’re just beginning a career as a performer or are a seasoned pro, I hope you will pick up a copy.”

Craig Stover, Philadelphia

ArtShow with host Craig Stover is an artist interview program on YouTube that seeks out the very best visual artists and craftspeople in the region to talk about their techniques, inspirations, and secrets within their work. In these brief yet in-depth conversations, Craig gets to know these artists intimately and find out what drives them to a creative life. Each month, subscribers get to learn about a variety of fantastic new artists at the height of their game.

Carter Thompson, New York City

Carter Thompson Design

“For the past three years,” Carter Thompson says, “I have been doing holiday and event installations on the Observatory of the Empire State Building, along with other areas of the building. I do floral displays in the summer and fall and Christmas and Hanukkah holiday decor in the winter. It has a lot of unique challenges with the logistics of doing a display up on the 86th floor outdoors, so everything has to go up through five different elevators and be secured and weighted down to withstand high winds!

“For the past 8 years I have worked as prop stylist on photoshoots for home furnishings. This year I worked as a stylist for a project where HomeGoods completely redecorated a vacation rental house between each guest. And I worked on a project in Austin designing a pop-up restaurant around an eight-course meal by celebrity chef Mashama Bailey. It was a lot of fun to figure out what kind of vase goes with an oyster course, or what kind of outdoor furniture goes with churros.

“I also do my own TikTok series about history, which is a passion project. It has lead to some fun opportunities to partner with brands like Delta and L’Oreal to dive into history’s mysteries or the unexpected stories of everyday objects.”

Holly Link, Nashville

Holly Schroeder Link is a published author and accomplished actress, singer, teacher, and painter. Being wildly creative is what she lives for! In addition to working for Watson Adventures, she teaches improvisation and voice in Nashville and does the occasional commercial. Presently, she has a funny commercial for Clopay Garage Doors running in various parts of the country. 

Last year, she published a comedic memoir called, Big Noise from LaPorte, a Diary of the Disillusioned. The book is all about surviving loss, trauma, and show business. It reached #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases List the week it debuted.

“I’ve also been oil painting for the past year,” Holly says. “Here is one of my favorite pieces. When I paint, I get out of my head and get lost in color and light.”

Mike Manship, New York City

Mike Manship is a writer, performer, and proud member of the New York Neo-Futurists, a radically dynamic ensemble of multidisciplinary artists who write and perform original work rooted in the truth of their own lived experiences. He is also the co-creator of T: An MBTA Musical, which has been running intermittently in the Boston area since 2011 and now enjoys regular performances at the Rockwell in Somerville, MA.

Mike loves trivia, puzzles, and games of all types and is likely to be a little too enthusiastic about how you perform on your Watson Adventures Bonus Challenge.

Shannon Skilling, Boston

Shannon Skilling, a Boston Hunt host and hunt researcher since 2005, works as Education Coordinator at the U.S.S. Constitution Museum—aka “Old Ironsides”! She coordinates group reservations, works with the Education and Museum Learning team on family programming, and designs maker events for museum visitors. Her latest summer maker projects features sea glass art and Shrinky Dinks wearables. She has also created maker videos for the museum’s website, such as make-your-own secret messages and a sailors valentine.

“I love creating projects that are multi-generational,” Shannon says, “and seeing people be creative and play together. Hosting Watson Adventures scavenger hunts gives me some more playtime.”

On her Boston research missions for Watson Adventures, Shannon has a great eye for finding interesting locations and objects that are fun to discover on a hunt.

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