Flexible Team Building Experiences Bring Together Colleagues Anywhere

Accommodating the Hybrid Workplace

As your company sizes up its post-pandemic plans, you’re going to want to celebrate your team’s resilience, succeeding despite overwhelming obstacles, with an engaging team building activity. Of course, with hybrid workplaces and far-flung colleagues, you need a flexible, responsive partner to organize your event—and the key is to find out what works best for you this summer.

As the leader in real-world and virtual team building games—the latter being among the “best Zoom experiences” around—we have the variety of activities and the flexibility to accommodate any situation. No matter the group size, or location, or desired level of complexity, we can tailor a team building game to meet your group’s needs.

As one recent participant put it: “Even though we can’t physically be together, it was nice to have an activity where we can all collaborate across teams without the stressors of work.” Read on to hear from clients about how we accommodated their particular situations.

Getting Out of the House

Takeda Pharmaceuticals wanted to get people working from home out of their home offices. So in addition to playing several of our virtual games, including the Escape to the Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt and the Trivia Slam Game, they enjoyed a custom photo challenge round that we created just for them. And it sounds like they had a good time:

So fun collaborating with my team… It kept us connected, which we all still need!!!

“This scavenger hunt allowed us to cooperate and work together as a team. Share ideas and help one another. It allowed us to be creative and share our creativity with others. It was enjoyable.

Lots of New Faces

Financial Recovery Technologies posed a special challenge. Usually they hold a week of meetings to kick off each new year, flying in the whole company from around the world. But with the pandemic on, they needed a virtual event that would work for everyone, with players dialing in from England, France, Australia, and the U.S. And what was more, their group of 140 featured many new hires, so a lot of people would be “meeting” for the first time.

One international edition of the Murder at the Art Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt later, everyone was smiling.

“We used Watson Adventures to plan and host a virtual murder mystery for a corporate event. We were a large group, and we booked them pretty last minute. The event was nevertheless excellent. It was well run, well-timed, and very engaging. I highly recommend them.”

Time-Zone Trickery

PepsiCo found itself in a similar situation, this time look to connect colleagues in the U.S. with those in India. So they also cracked the case in the international edition of the Murder at the Art Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt. The difference in time zones could have been a deal breaker, but their remote Hunt Host, Chad, brought the goods.

“The team had a great time and enjoyed the experience! Chad did a great job of keeping energy high even though it was early in the morning for many of us. Thanks again!”

You Can Play Just About Anywhere

Instead of working from home, North Georgia Eye Care needed a team building activity they could play at a restaurant, while remaining socially distanced. No problem! They solved the mystery behind the Murder By Team Building Game: Virtual Edition, with a remote Hunt Host leading the experience via Zoom. North George’s owner, Kelley Dasinger, was certainly pleased.

It was wonderful, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves! Thank you!!”

Start Planning Your Team Building Activity

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