“The Best Zoom Experience”: See What People Are Saying About Remote Online Team Games

Praise for Virtual Scavenger Hunts

The rise of virtual team building events proved to be one of the silver linings of a largely challenging 2020. Just as colleagues were suddenly more scattered and isolated than ever, remote online team games let them connect and collaborate in fun new ways. Our virtual trivia games and online scavenger hunts brought together co-workers from all over the world.

Not sure virtual team building is right for your group? Take a look at what other people had to say after virtually exploring the world, discovering art, or solving a murder with us.

A Few Words from Happy Players

“It felt like we were together.”

“I truly appreciated the host’s liveliness and ability to connect with participants over common experiences. It was a nice event during a stressful time”

“The team really enjoyed it and it was well received! It was the first time this leadership team was together and this definitely created a more unique bond than what a normal work meeting would provide. Again, thank you so much! I so appreciate you!”

“A truly great experience and the best online team event I have participated in thus far during quarantine! Great job! Really, really well done!”

“I loved your in-person hunts, and the virtual hunts are also a lot of fun. This is the only Zoom event in my life that I look forward to.”

Watson Adventures Virtual Game

“The questions were interesting, thought-provoking, and really made you concentrate! It was a lot of fun because there were easy questions and more difficult ones, as well. It was also very beautiful to navigate through. I felt like I was really visiting the museums! Valerie was a wonderful host! We would definitely recommend Watson Adventures!”

“The team had a wonderful time! Everyone said the hour went so fast and didn’t want it to end. I will recommend Watson Adventures to my colleagues for a fun event.”

“Watson Adventures did not disappoint. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but they exceeded any ideas I had. The hunt was fun and definitely lead to a lot of laughs. I would highly recommend, and look forward to another adventure in the near future.”

“This was a great substitute for an in-person holiday gathering. It was a good way to get our team together and add in some competition.”

“Andy, our host, was so great. It was such a nice experience to have someone host it as opposed to one of our groups running it—it let everyone participate, and it was very well organized. Totally forgot I was at work for 90 minutes! Thanks so much!”

“Wonderful experience; helped to build team morale, especially needed with Covid-19. All team members loved it. Well thought-out and crafted experience!”

“This was a ton of fun. I’m not much on trivia, but detective and searching I’m good! I was the captain, and it was fun to see the competitive edge my team had! Would highly recommend this adventure.”

Zoom meeting with art

“One of the most fun events I have ever participated in (online or in person)! Definitely creates an air of friendly competition in a team environment. Thanks to [our host] Mike and Watson for their ingenuity!”

“It turned out great. And from the looks on the students’ faces, they were disappointed that it was over but delighted to have participated. At the end of the hunt, they agreed that we should do another.”

What a jewel of an app! Fun time with the team while virtually visiting wonderful sites and museums, and bringing out the best Watsonian characters in us!”

“I can’t thank you and [our host] Tokia enough for the spectacular game yesterday. My team had an absolute ball and raved about the game for hours, and they’re still going! It was an absolute delight—clear directions, hilarious questions, great opportunities to be silly and creative. We could not have asked for a better time—it was like the game was made just for them.”

“We had a great time learning, exploring, and reconnecting with one another!”

“This was AMAZING! The best Zoom team experience!