Scream-Worthy: Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a Scavenger Hunt

On a beautiful summer day in the city, what could be more fun than a scavenger hunt with friends? How about a scavenger hunt with friends AND ICE CREAM?

National Ice Cream Day is July 19, but you can celebrate all month long! A whole bunch of our New York hunts hunts this month feature beloved ice cream shops on or near the hunt route, so you can snack while you explore.

Kick off your cone craving on the High Line at Sunset Scavenger Hunt, on July 11. L’arte del Gelato in Chelsea Market is famous for its innovative, delicious take on gelato and sorbet. Cool off with a Cassata Siciliana (ricotta, candied fruits, and chocolate chips) or this month’s special raspberry-flavored Sorbetto al Lampone.

On the Ghosts of Greenwich Village Family Scavenger Hunt, on July 18, you’ll find a whole bunch of fantastic options, from Grom (artisanal gelato) to Victory Garden (locally sourced goat’s milk ice cream). And then there’s Big Gay Ice Cream, a New York institution. Stop in. Order the Salty Pimp. Be happy.

Join the Nolita Street Art Scavenger Hunt, on July 19, and celebrate National Ice Cream Day in style. After the hunt, stop into Little Italy’s Ferrara Bakery & Cafe for award-winning gelato (and cannoli), or head over to the famed Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. A cone stuffed with Green Tea Oreo or Caramel Zen Butter sure sounds good.

The SoHo Chocolatey Scavenger Hunt, on July 25, features countless treats. But don’t miss the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream truck at the corner of Greene and Prince streets. Among the most delicious and downright coolest (get it?) confections in the city, a Van Leeuwen cone is a snack and a status symbol in one creamy package. You can’t go wrong with any flavor, but try the dark-chocolate-and-hazelnut Gianduja or the everything-in-there Kitchen Sink (if it hasn’t run out yet).

For all those hunts and more, visit the public hunts calendar, or contact us about booking a private hunt.