A Team by any Other Name: Awesome Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Watson Adventures Corporate Scavenger Hunt StrengthsWhen you hunt with Watson Adventures, you might explore a famous museum or much-loved neighborhood, uncovering secrets hidden in obscure corners and in plain sight alike. Or you might join friends or coworkers in a hunt to collect fun objects and snap hilarious photos.

No matter what hunt you choose, you’ll always be tasked with one thing: Inventing a clever team name. Whether it’s funny, topical, or maybe a little risqué, your name is serious business—after all, the team with the best name earns bonus points! If you’re looking for inspiration, read on for some favorite team names from hunts gone by!

Murder at the Art Museum Hunt, Boston
The Mori Arties
We’re So SmART!

Murder at the Art Institute Hunt, Chicago
Vincent Van Garrote
Here We Van Gogh Again

Murder at the Getty Hunt, Los Angeles
Pablo Piccaught You!
Leonardo Deadvinci.com
Van Gogh Get ’Em!

Secrets of Grand Central & Grand Central Scramble Family Hunt, New York
We’ve Been Twerkin’ on the Railroad
Who’s on First, Watson on 42nd
Challah Back Girls

Secrets of Old Philadelphia Hunt
Founding Father Issues
The Finding Fathers

Naked at the Legion of Honor Museum Hunt, San Francisco
“Private” Investigators
Louvre Got to Be Kidding

Murder at the Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.
Plymouth Barack
Redrum & Coke

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