Pre-Game Inspiration: 50+ Great Team Name Ideas for Your Next Scavenger Hunt

Think Up an Amazing Team Name Before You Play

Every great scavenger hunt team needs a good team name. Whether you’re joining an in-person scavenger hunt or one of our virtual games, a fun, funny team name will inspire teamwork, and might earn you some bonus points.

As you can see from last time, a great team name can be silly, or topical, or occasionally even a bit suggestive. And it should be at least somewhat original—our Hunt Hosts have seen “The Winning Team” and “Our Host Is the Best!” more times than they can count. To help inspire your next one, we’ve gathered some of our favorite team name ideas from hunters just like you. Take a look and get your own creative brain fired up.

People having fun in Zoom


Naturally, many groups playing our games in the past year or so have turned to Covid-based humor for their team names. Clearly, pandemic- and Zoom-inspired team names can be a lot of fun, as long as they don’t go overboard.

Pandemic! at the Disco
Vaccination Station
Stay Positive, Test Negative (COVID)
I’ve got to get out of this bed, I’m late for the couch!
Adventures in Homeworking
Sherlock Stay at Holmes
At Home Haircuts
Dressed Not to Impress
Mask Couture
Straight Outta Quaranteam
Green, Mean, and Quarantined
We Get Locked Down But We Get Up Again
The Zoom Where It Happened
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zoom
Zoom Shaka Laka
What Happens in the Breakout Room Stays in the Breakout Room
Debra, You’re Muted
OK, Zoomer

Globe Trotters

In a time when travel isn’t always an option, our virtual global scavenger hunts and city-tour scavenger hunts help teams scratch that itch. So of course, those hunts have inspired some great team names.

Oh the Places You’ll Zoom
Around The World in 90 Minutes
Houston We Have A Problem
The IlliNoisemakers
The Exploring Emus

Magical Monikers

As always, our Harry Potter-inspired Wizard School Virtual Scavenger Hunt conjures up some incredible team names.

Chicken and Quaffles
Ravin’ Ravenclaws
Hogwarts Hooligans
Up To No Good
Dobbys Socks
Hit It and Quidditch
Yer a Quizard, Harry

Just Plain Silly

Not every team name has to have a theme! Sometimes it pays to simply have fun.

Les Formidables
Scavenger? I hardly know her.
The Scrappy Scholars
No Hit, Sherlock
The Four Wise Women
The Favorable Oddballs
Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownies
Killa Catchas
No Prob Llama
Here We Van Gogh Again…
Chicken Tutor Lifeguard Winner
The Lean Mean Scavenging Machine
Freudian Sleuths
Smells Like Team Spirit
Picasso’s Pursuers
Ice Cream for the Dream Team
The Misspelers
SpElInG iS hArD
Team Punstoppable
Victorious Secret
Netflix and Bill
Nancy Brewskis
Quiz Khalifa
Quiztopher Walken
The Oxford Commas
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
We Are Smartacus

Get in the Game

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