Group Activities in Wilmington

Group Activities in Wilmington

Team-Building Games for Wilmington Groups

Top 5 Virtual & Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Going stir-crazy? Treat yourself to a fun, funny scavenger hunt that will bring your group together as you explore your favorite neighborhood. Can't make it in-person? America's best museums and landmark locations become a virtual game board on fun, funny online scavenger hunts.

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Group Activities in Wilmington

Whether you’re part of a corporate group or a bunch of friends looking for fun, you can book a group virtual tour for any occasion, from corporate team building to birthday parties to field trips. See all of our Virtual Team-Building Games.

If you want a real-world team-building outing for your group in Wilmington, we have one word for you: DAM! OK, we have a few more words for you: go on our adventurous, surprising scavenger hunt at the Delaware Art Museum, aka DAM. The handsome modern building is a treasure chest of fascinating art, from early Americana to classic works by illustrators from the Brandywine Valley to European Pre-Raphaelite masters to paint’s-not-dry contemporary artists.

Your mission: wend your way through the exhibits and find answers to tricky, humorous questions about the oddest, most interesting aspects of the art. But you don’t need to know a Pre-Raphaelite master from Dogs Playing Poker to win this team-building game. You just need sharp eyes, great teamwork, and a sense of humor.

Can’t make it to the museum or you need a game when the museum’s closed? We've got you covered! Take on the Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt, which features an array of unusual challenges, in just about any location. (And if you don’t mind venturing into the Brandywine Valley, check out our scavenger hunt at Longwood Gardens.)

If you need an indoor activity where you work or relax, try the Trivia Slam—a wacky version of a pub quiz—or the Murder by Team Building Game, which brings escape-room puzzles into any room with a video screen.

Find out why such Wilmington companies as Capital One, the Chemours Company, and Home Depot have asked Watson Adventures to provide these team-building games for their employees. Our hunts have also been featured by such media outlets as ABC World News, the New York Times, Travel + Leisure, and National Geographic Explorer.

Learn How It Works, or explore real-world venues above, or check out our Virtual Team-Building Games, or contact us—and find more fun in Wilmington!

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