Scavenger Hunts in The White House Area

  • private
  • adults
  • kids
  • outdoor

The Race to the White House Scavenger Hunt

Uncover history’s mysteries…

…and discover surprising sights in the public places around and near the White House. You’ll be challenged to answer tricky, humorous questions about interesting places, look for the perfect settings to take fun Team Photos, and complete a surprise bonus challenge.

On this D.C. scavenger hunt you’ll discover…

  • Lincoln’s tab at the Willard Hotel
  • Jackie O’s White House view
  • Dolley Madison’s house
  • A site where a would-be presidential assassin was foiled
  • Someone vastly underdressed for his sword lessons

And those are just a few of the highlights on this unusual group game. To win, you don’t need to know the area or its landmarks—you just need good teamwork, sharp eyes, and comfy shoes.

A Kids Edition is available in which young hunters and adults work together to see great sights, take in a bit of history, and have as much fun as possible. Suitable for ages 7 and up, the hunt is a great field trip activity.

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The Murder at the White House Scavenger Hunt

The President is safe, but…

…a Watson Adventures staffer has been found dead in Lafayette Park, and we need your help to catch his killer. Before he died, he left a startling clue behind: a star drawn with his own blood on the pavement. Find out what it means and you’ll start to uncover the victim’s dangerous double life, as well as try to head off an international incident with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Along the way, you’ll also discover the secrets of this fascinating neighborhood—from the Octagon House to the Willard Hotel, from the Ellipse to the Old Post Office—where many a surprising detail turns out to be part of a cryptic code. You’ll need to make sense of clues, crack the code, and send a text message to the dead man. The fate of the free world may depend on your teamwork.