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The Haunted Washington Scavenger Hunt

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The Haunted Washington Scavenger Hunt

Do you believe in ghosts?

You just might after this spooky tour that reveals the stories of the restless souls you might disturb. On teams, you’ll follow clues to ghost-plagued buildings near the White House and answer tricky questions about what you find. Possible cameos by the spirits of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Dolley Madison, Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson, the (allegedly) suicidal Mrs. Henry Adams, and losing duelist Stephen Decatur.

The hunt is a bit spooky, a bit macabre, a bit goofy, and a lot of fun. It’s also a bit slower paced than our regular hunts because the questions are longer, in order to fill you in on the eerie events that transpired at each location.

For private groups, we also offer a Kids Edition of this ghoulish game, suitable for ages 7 and up.

Please note: you’ll see the White House, as well as go around the White House grounds—but you won’t actually go onto the White House grounds. But you assume that, right?

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