Team Building in<br /> South Florida

Team Building in
South Florida

Team-Building Activities for Miami Groups

Top 5 Outdoor & Virtual Miami Games

Discover the magic of the Magic City on fun-filled outdoor scavenger hunts that will introduce you to Miami's most exciting neighborhoods. Stuck inside? Tour the world's greatest museums and famous places from home, on our online scavenger hunts and trivia games.

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Team Building in<br /> South Florida

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts & Museum Games

Real-world scavenger hunts: Whether you're a visitor at the Convention Center or a local, you owe it to yourself to get out explore. And there's no better way to discover Miami’s secrets than on a fun, funny scavenger hunt. You can choose to explore such hotspots as South Beach, Coconut Grove, the Frost Museum, and the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens during your team-building adventure, as you uncover hidden history, sun-drenched natural splendor, or scientific wonders.

On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues to answer tricky, humorous questions and complete unusual and unusually entertaining challenges along the way. The games are perfect for corporate team building or just having fun with friends.

Learn more about our Miami Scavenger Hunts:

  • The South Beach Samba Scavenger Hunt, which uncovers beachside secrets along Ocean Drive, a stone’s throw from the Convention Center. You might pop into the Versace mansion, say hello to Scarface’s little friend, and peruse street art and public poetry. 
  • The Coconut Grove Groove Scavenger Hunt, where you’ll find a surprising team-building adventure among the leafy streets, chic shops, and historic landmarks of Coconut Grove.
  • The Mad Science Scavenger Hunt at the Frost Museum of Science, where intriguing clues and tricky questions will take you from the deep seas to the far reaches of space.
  • The Escape Vizcaya Scavenger Hunt, a fast-paced tour of this opulent Miami villa combined with an escape room–style game. Solve the tricky puzzles created by a madman who poisoned you and win the game to save your life!

You can add a bit of sleuthing to your team building with a Murder Mystery Edition of nearly any hunt. Plus, a variety of Anywhere Games bring the fun to your office or hotel conference room with the Trivia Slam, a pub quiz that leaves everyone laughing, or Murder Mystery Games such as the Murder by Team Building Game.

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How are the virtual scavenger hunts played? Your group will meet with our host on Zoom. In breakout rooms, teams will follow clues to explore websites of museums, historic neighborhoods, amazing landmarks, and more. You'll be searching for answers to tricky, humorous questions about what you find. No previous knowledge is necessary.

Which game is best for your group? Depending on the game you choose, you can uncover the secrets of museums and famous places, or solve a murder mystery, or explore great places in particular cities, or go on a virtual trip around the world, or tackle tricky trivia and unusual challenges in a "virtual pub quiz," or even play a game for Harry Potter fans. See all of our Virtual Team-Building Games.

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Please note: For real-world games, the minimum fee is $2,000 for up to 35 hunters.

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