Team Building in<br /> Las Vegas

Team Building in
Las Vegas

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Sure, gambling can be fun. But if you’re visiting Las Vegas with a group of friends or colleagues, playing poker or watching a show isn’t exactly a team-building activity. This is a better bet: take the gang on a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt—and you’ll actually see a bit of the city beyond the convention floor or the blackjack table.

Here’s how it works: on teams, you’ll tackle a series of challenges. You’ll look for opportunities to meet the requirements of creative Team Photos. You’ll keep an eye out for unusual items to create or collect. And along the way, you’ll meet with our entertaining Hunt Host for a surprise bonus challenge.

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Team Building in<br /> Las Vegas

But best of all, depending on where you want to hunt, you could follow a trail of clues in search of answers to tricky questions about surprising Vegas sights at such famous casinos as Caesars Palace, the MGM Grand, Treasure Island, the Mirage, the Paris Las Vegas, and the Flamingo.

Even if you want to play in another location, we’ve got a game for you. For instance, you can get your sleuth on with the puzzle-filled Murder Mystery Mayhem Scavenger Hunt. If you’re stuck in a conference room or other indoor location, your group can take on the Trivia Slam or the Murder by Team Building Game.

The varied challenges bring out the assorted talents of every team member, and the shared experience and laughter leads to bonding and memories that will last longer than your encounter with a slot machine.

Since our first scavenger hunt in 1999, we’ve entertained hundreds of companies, from Amazon to Zynga, as well as Alphabet (aka Google). And numerous media outlets—including the Today Show, ABC World News, Travel + Leisure, and National Geographic Explorer—have recommended our team-building games.

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