Team-Building Activities<br /> in Dallas & Fort Worth

Team-Building Activities
in Dallas & Fort Worth

Fun, Funny Scavenger Hunts for Any Occasion

Top 5 Dallas & Forth Worth Activities

Dallas and Fort Worth share a dazzling array of opportunities for smart, fun team-building activities—or at least they do when you embark on a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt. Join us on a thrilling adventure, either outdoors or virtually. Our fast-paced activities bring out the best of any location, whether you’re enjoying the Texas sun during an outdoor game or virtually exploring a series of fascinating museums.

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Team-Building Activities<br /> in Dallas & Fort Worth

Outdoor scavenger hunts and museum games

Our hunts at the Dallas Museum of Art have been popular with numerous groups since 2014. You'll go on a whirlwind tour of the galleries in search of answers about remarkable and unusual works of art. Or if your group would enjoy solving a murder mystery, try The Murder at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt.

Other locations for for team-building fun include the Fort Worth Zoo, the Kimbell Art Museum, and the Amon Carter Museum.

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts  are available just about anywhere to satisfy every Sherlock in your group. And make way for children on special editions in which kids and adults join forces to enjoy the best school field trip in history (or at least their own history).

Virtual games: connect with remote colleagues for fun

Unite colleagues working from home with the Escape to Texas Virtual Tour Game, featuring such places as the Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Kimbell Art Museum. Learn more about this and more Virtual Team-Building Games.

On teams, you’ll follow a trail of tricky clues in search of answers to humorous questions, or you’ll tackle other unusual challenges that call for collaboration and creativity. The games test your teamwork, not your knowledge or physical skills, making the competition a level playing field that’s perfect for diverse groups.

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Discover the team-building benefits enjoyed by such clients as Texas Instruments, Pandora, Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, Deloitte Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and GE Aviation.

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