Scavenger Hunts in Salem

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The Haunted Salem Scavenger Hunt

Explore possibly the most ghost-ridden town in America

Brace yourself for a “spirited” search that reveals the ghosts and historic highlights in this bewitching town. Armed only with a flashlight, you’ll visit haunted places and learn the tales of the restless souls you might disturb.

Along the way, your team might…

  • Discover how witch-trials villain Sheriff Corwin helped one house become the “fourth most haunted” in the country
  • Visit locations associated with the crushed-to-death execution of suspected wizard Giles Corey and assorted witches
  • See where Nathaniel Hawthorne met a ghost
  • Learn from one murder victim why you should never brag about treasure hidden in your home
  • Get a whirlwind tour of even more of the most important sites in town while answering humorous questions

Of course this is a popular hunt destination during the Halloween season, but all kinds of groups have enjoyed this hunt from spring to fall, whether in daylight or (if you dare) after sunset.

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The Witches of Salem Family Scavenger Hunt

Spooky fun for the whole family

Go in search of witches and other weird wonders on this kids’ version of our popular Haunted Salem Scavenger Hunt. Kids and adults work together to solve tricky questions while learning the tales behind old buildings, statues, graveyards, and assorted places that are, according to legend, haunted. Are ghosts real? As you discover America’s “fourth most haunted” house and see where Nathaniel Hawthorne had a run-in with a spooky spectre, you just might find the answer.

The hunt isn’t just for Halloween: it’s a popular activity for birthday parties, summer-camp outings, and even school field trips, when teachers want to introduce Salem history in a fun, new way while teaching kids teamwork and cooperation.

Recommended for ages 7 and up. At least one adult must accompany each team.

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  • indoor

The Peabody Essex Escapades Scavenger Hunt

Discover a treasure chest from voyages around the globe

For a salty taste of the 19th-century sailor’s life on the high seas—and the kind of booty brought back from distant lands—you’ll want to get shanghaied for this surprising scavenger hunt inside the Peabody Essex Museum.

Your team will go in search of art and artifacts featuring harpooned whales, shipwrecks, the luxurious cabin known as Cleopatra’s Barge, drunken sailors carousing, nutty Japanese netsuke, a mysterious hand beneath a fashionable gown, a castaway’s unusual calendar, the first penguin ever seen in North America, and more.

You don’t need to know anything about the varied, impressive galleries to win at this seafaring adventure. The only tools you’ll need are sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

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