Team Building in<br /> Annapolis

Team Building in

Scavenger Hunts, Murder Mysteries & More

Top 5 Outdoor & Virtual Annapolis Games

Get your team shipshape with a team-building scavenger hunt in the heart of this charming, history-filled town by the bay. You’ll follow a trail of tricky clues that takes you from the capitol building where George Washington resigned his commission, to the waterfront sculpture depicting Roots author and local hero Alex Haley, to quaint buildings on backstreets. If you can't make it in person, opt for an exciting virtual tour or trivia game instead.

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Team Building in<br /> Annapolis

In-person scavenger hunts

No knowledge of Annapolis is necessary to play or to win our team-building games: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and deft collaboration. If you’d like to explore outdoors while solving a wild whodunit, try the Murder Mystery Mayhem Scavenger Hunt, which can be played just about anywhere.

But what if you can’t get out and about? Try one of our popular indoor options: the Trivia Slam is a surprising mix of a pub quiz and a scavenger hunt. The Killer Trivia Slam takes that game and adds a murder mystery for you to solve, where any piece of trivia could be fatal. Or if you want to go full Sherlock, try the Murder by Team Building Game, a puzzle-filled adventure that’s like an escape-room game in your own office.

Virtual team-building games

On our Virtual Team-Building Games you’ll meet with our Host on Zoom or your favorite conferencing platform. Then, on teams, you'll go into breakout rooms and use our browser-based app to follow a trail of clues across amazing websites. You could explore museums and famous places across America or even across the globe; or you might crack puzzles to solve a murder mystery; or you might tackle tricky trivia in a virtual "pub quiz" with surprising challenges.

You can book a virtual game for your favorite group anytime. Check out our Virtual Team-Building Games.

Media and client accolades

Find out why Watson Adventures’ games have been acclaimed across the nation since 1999 and featured by such media outlets as the Today Show, ABC World News, USA Today, the Washington Post, Travel + Leisure...and, well, you get the picture.

Your company will be in good company, so to speak: our stellar roster of clients who’ve joined us for team-building hunts in Annapolis include the Kellogg Company, Aerotek, the Allegis Group, and BAE Systems.

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